Assignment 1: GIF

This is my awesome amazing GIF. I created it with a little help from DS106 Handbook. I love Dr. Seuss’ books and I especially love the movies made from them. Recently, I watched Dr. Seuss’ the Lorax and the message “Change the Future” struck a cord with me. For most my peers they are either just being college or nearing the end of their college careers, either way there is a lot of pressure to answer who are you going to be? I believe when confronted with the prospect of the future we all look confused and frightened much like Ted in this GIF.  All I can say is watch the Lorax and be inspired; maybe even save a tree!

Assignment 1

One thought on “Assignment 1: GIF

  1. Such a great capture of that idea of looking at the future. Good one for your first GIF.

    One hint, when you upload the animated GIF to WordPress, you want to select the version that is the same dimensions as the original- WordPress makes different sized copies of uploaded media, but they are not animated (which is why yours links to the original)