Return to the Scene for the Crime

Hey Eagles! Did you know that Campus Walk was nonexistent until 1985?! That’s right the school used to have a road going right down the middle of campus! Originally called Campus Drive, it bricked over in order to promote a pedestrian friendly and smaller community. The transformation was met by tons of protest, but ultimately it was seen as a wonderfully addition.  For all you eagles complaining about the sunken gates being closed and having to drive around the perimeter of Mary Washington…blame those who voted in favor of bricking up Campus Drive. However those of you who chose this school for is cozy, comfortable, close-knit community, you can praise our ancestors who vote in favor of Campus Walk.

Original 1985 Campus Drive outside of Trinkle:


Today 2012 Campus Walk outside of Trinkle:


Same old Trinkle, but not so noisy:

scene of crime


Source: “Back to Brick: Chaning Campus Drive to Walk” 



3 thoughts on “Return to the Scene for the Crime

  1. Trinkle is always noisy, I wish there was a word to describe the ritual of people trying to go in and out of the ONE door in the front at the same time. Cool shot!

  2. This is SO great! My favorite versions of this assignment are ones where someone takes a historical photo and shoots it in a modern setting. Love that you did MWC/UMW.