Redub a Movie***

Redub a Movie***

I really enjoy these Old Spice commercials; I think they are extremely funny. Part of what makes them funny is they are bizarre. They don’t have the standard this is my product, they have a story. So I wondered, if this commercial didn’t have any sound, what might they being selling? I came up with Crafty Vaults places for men to hide their stuff from the women folk. Think about, how often do you find your deodorant or ice cream taken by the women in your life? Okay, maybe not deodorant, but ice cream…all the time!  Craft Vaults is a company that design any imaginable vault- some ancient city, animal, box, circle, picture frame/ freezer, water resistant, fire proof … you name it! It seems like a really fun idea.


Commercials are probably the most fascinating story because you have to tell a story in approximately 40 seconds. One has to hook the audience, get their message across, all while appealing to their target audience. It is quite a challenge! Old Spice commercials are the interesting because they think outside of the box, not only as in set design but script. Instead of targeting men, they target women … “women don’t you want your man to be like me”….what a great idea! Women clearly have great stake in how their man smells, so why not convince them that Old Spice is the way to go. While, I adopted this to take a commercial and redub it idea from someone else, I took a different route. I decided to take this crazy amazing commercial and make it something stereotypical  this is the problem, his is my product, this is how it solve the problem, buy it.


I got the video of the Old Spice commercial from YouTube. I used “PWNYouTube” which is a bookmarklet (all you do is drag the link to your bookmarks). When you get a video you want to edit, right-click HQ MP4, Save Link As. Once you have done that you can open the link in Window Movie Maker. Once in Window Movie Maker, I muted the sound of the video. Then I went into audacity and got my recording of what I wanted the commercial to say. I uploaded the audio and I adjusted the start time on the music edit tool bar. I realize that my recording in longer than the commercial, so I added an ending title page. I did this by adding a “title”, changing the background color, adding animation, and text.  While, I realize this isn’t the best video/audio match-up, it is my first attempt at videoassignments (I’m a little worried about the difficult of this section).

Other good examples of this are :

I hate when people stalk me:I loved this re-dubbed of ” A Walk to Remember”.  I read the block and it seems like a confusing and awkward assignment because it is basically talking to yourself which can make one self-conscience. She did a really good job and it was super funny.

Excy Herrera’s Etrade Babies:This was a really cute idea, redubbing a commercial sounds like a lot of fun. I do think it is interesting to redub something that is already redubbed, like the etrade babies. However, babies talking is only the best thing in the world.


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  1. This was a little disappointing because the voice over was off. Although, the concept was adorable and I understand what your goal was, it didn’t come across as strong as it could have.I