Character/Genre Song Mashup ***

Character/Genre Song Mashup***

I can only review the example given on the website linked to the assignment. I’m not sure why people haven’t chosen to do this assignment. I watch the example and I really liked the idea of this assignment. To match music to video, is a great Idea. Actually, I didn’t realize how many witch movies there were!!

I chose to do this assignment 1) because for some reason people have been shying away from it.. and I wanted to figure out why! 2) because it looked a little more challenge then the previous assignments I did because it uses video rather than pictures.

I used the song “Cowboys and Angels” by Dustin Lynch because it is currently my favorite song. It also gave me the opportunity to expand my movie bases to cowboy movies and angel movies; which if you can’t think of any trust me there are a million! My story here is that cowboys and angels are an ingrained into our society! It seems that often, like in the song, boys are cowboys and girls and angels. In this video, I challenge that a little because there are numerous video where boy angels dominate. Furthermore  I challenge the that love is only between man and women, which is why I open the video with Brokeback Mountain.

Other sources of video include: Angel in America, Cowboys and Aliens, Blackthorn,  Rage At Dawn, Toy Story, Gabriel, City of Angels, Michael, Annie Oakley, Angels in the Outfield

The process might have been the cause of why so many people shied away from this assignment. While it was the same technique I’ve used in all my assignments, it was more labor intensive. Firstly,finding all YouTube videos was extremely time consuming. However, once I found them I use PWNYouTube booklet and saved them as video. I upload all of them to Movie Maker. Then, I had to mute the video (each lip individually). Last, I upload music. Once all that was done it was a matter of organizing my videos to make a story. I like the pattern of cowboy/angel/cowboy/angel. Hopefully, the clips bring back some memories, inspires some thought on what is a cowboy/angel (no so stereotypical), and you enjoy just a wonderful song.


One thought on “Character/Genre Song Mashup ***

  1. I really like how this isn’t just another slide show with still pictures. It brought back some great movie memories like “Angel in the Outfield”. I like that you try to make a statement about society stereotypes. I think that ended up being a secon thought which I totally understood by reading the blog, but no by watching the video. I enjoy the video though.