Song Visualization **

Song Visualization **

Other Great Examples:

1) Just Another Manic Monday, This was very well done! The pictures were extremely well picked. However, at the end the music cuts off before the pictures. This was disappointing and could have been avoided by shortening the length which picture duration or lengthening the song. Otherwise, I loved this song and the pictures were great!

2) Drive By, This song is an amazing song and was perfect for this assignment because the lyrics are so interesting and easily pictured. I laughed so hard when he used a picture of Mario’s “Shy Guy” instead of a picture of a guy who is acting shy. I thought that was super clever. The pictures were timed extremely well and the music was a good length.

I’m a huge fan of listening to music for free. I change my “favorite song” weekly and its nice to not have to purchase music just because one week I’m really into it. Therefore, I love YouTube videos. Often songs don’t have music videos , therefore, I look for one with great pictures that speak to me. I’ve always wonder… who has this kind of time, how do they do it…  I choose this assignment to figure it out for myself! I found out that its not that time consuming, it was super easy, and I loved doing it.

The story behind this song, is a story we can all relate too. You have worked all week, you barely making ends meet, but you need to blow off some steam. You and your significant other head out to the bar. Relax, enjoy a round or two. I tried to make the song apply more to college students. In order to do that, instead of the sleepy town I used Mary Washington. Instead of working all week, I used studying all week. I wasn’t as successful in applying all the pictures to UMW, but I think setting it up that way makes it more interesting and relatable.

Once I picked a song that spoke to me ( Kip Moore’s Beer Money) I used audacity to create the mp3 format of the song.Then, in Windows Movie Maker I created a title slide  change the background to blue, and wrote the title and artist. Then, I found and uploaded pictures that I believe pertained to the song.

Links to the Pictures: Street lights, dead end. radio, studying, deadline, piggy bank, couple running, bar 1, kissing couple, beer, tonight tonight, bar 2,party , dance, couple, couple 2, morning, couple 3, couple 4, hell, jail

Once I did that it was a little more complicated. I need to adjust ever picture duration time in order for it match the music. This took a lot of listen, pausing, editing, and re-listening. Once I got the timing right, the project was done :)



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  1. I love this song! You did a really good job of timing the pictures to the lyrics. I also thought it was cute that you alter the interpretation of the song so it suited college students. Great Job!