Cinderella II : My Best Friend’s Wedding ****

Movie Trailer Mash-Up ****

This assignment tasked me to mash-up the audio of one trailer with the video of another. I knew I wanted to Cinderella II: Dreams Come True because the audio/visual for this trailer is very simple. Then, I looked around for movies about girl looking for true love. I looked at problably 15 trailers before I remembered “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. I loved the ending audio for the trailer and used that (through audacity) to overlay it (through Window Movie Maker) to the video of Cinderella II.

I loved that the story is very similar, but now there is a deeper mroe adult twist to Cinderella II. ┬áNow insteado of Cinderella having the most wonderful marry, the movie is about the drama before they get married. In fact, there might even be another women! … you’ll have to watch to find out.

This assingment was really fun and I only used skill that I learned through previous assignments. For example, I used the PWNYouTube bookmark in order to save the trailer as mp4. Then, I used Windows Movie Maker to upload the clip. I edited the part and length of the audio through audacity . Putting together was pretty simple, I delayed the start of the audio via the Music Menu. Then, exported to YouTube!


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