Originally, I watched the “Everything is a Remix” video and, then, I watched the “A Fair (y) Use Tale“. However, I think that watching the “Fair(y) Use Tale” should be watch before the other video.  The “Fair(y) Use Tale” is excellent at laying out the basic rules of copyright that we discussed in the first.  I was fascinated in learning that copyright used to only extend 14 years. However, today it is a lifetime plus 70 years.  I thought it useful to know that fair – use is pretty open so long as it follows the rule about the duration of the media used, commerical impact or is  used in teaching, new reporting, paradoy, or critical comment. The “Fair (y) Use Tale” was clever because the Disney Movies were used to teach about copyright! Therefore, it falls under fair use. Furthermore, the duration of the clips were very mininum.

The “Everything is a Remix”  was this beautiful series that basically explained that nothing… NOTHING….is original. Meaning that everything, even the lightbulb and printing press were remixes/modification on other inventions. Macintosh and Xerox were also modification upon other inventions. They, also, discussed music because often remixing is associated with song remixing .The example they use is Led Zeppelin who remixed beats from other artists without fundamentally changing it. The point is that very few things we hear are original, most are updated beats or lyrics.


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