My Assingment 2: Music Video

Music Video

I love video and audio, so I combined these two mediums in video form. The goal was to create a Music Video using clips from a movie. Music videos are musics companion in telling stories. I personally perfer music videos becasue I can visualize the lyrics better. For my example, I used The Notebook a movie based on Nicolas Spark’s book and “Hey Pretty Girl” by Kip Moore.

I believe the storyline in the The Notebook is greatly reflected in the the song “Hey Pretty Girl”. Both types of story are about falling in love with a pretty girl, becoming a family, and living out the rest of their lives together The two combined truly enhance the story.

Note: I think was truly makes this a music video is the shots of Kip Moore sing….just like in the real video :)

Wanna Know How I Did It:

You will need PWNYouTube bookmarklet and Audacity.

You will need

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