Summary of My Two Assignments

For my first assignment, I choose to do an audio assignment. The blog and tutorial can be found on this blog page with the tutorial. 

Music Tag

One of my favorite type of assignments is audio!  Lyrics and songs are great ways to tell stories. Have you notice similar themes extend genres… lyrics overlapping. Your task is to create a story by using audio snippets from songs. The trick is you have to have the last word of your clip, be the same word that starts the next clip. Use at least 5 different songs, try to include different genres or decades.

  1. Find all the YouTube videos of your songs and position it to play a little before the part you want to capture.
  2. Use Audacity to record the clips
  3. Edit the Clips Together
  4. Export Your New Story


For my example I used:

Below is the lyrics of my music tag.. the word/pharses that are shared are bolded.

Why don’t you stay. I’m down on my knees. I’m so tired of being lonely. Don’t I give you what you need. When she calls you to go. There is one thing you should know. We don’t have to live this way Baby, why don’t you stay Just a  little bit longer .Please let me hear .You say that you will Say you will. Say you will. Together can never be close enough for me. To feel like I am close enough to youYou wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you. Andyou’re beautiful. You’re beautiful, You’re beauitful its true. There must be an angel with the smile on her face, when she thought up that I should be with you need a man. I need a man. Who can keep me satisfied. I better shape up If I’m gonna prove. you better prove.That my faith is justified. Are you sure.Y es I’m sure down deep inside. You’re the one that I want. Oo-oo-oo, honey

I believe songs are the most unviersal way to tell stories. It, therefore, isn’t surprisng that songs tend to overlap. This assigment made me think of all the themes (not just genres) that I listen too! I, also, shows the connectivness of people acrosse time.


For my second assingment, I chose to do a video or maybe a mash-up assignment. I called it video because originally I believed it to be video. However, after writting up a post about it… I reconsidered… it is called Music Video. The assignment can be found here.

I love video and audio, so I combined these two mediums in video form. The goal was to create a Music Video using clips from a movie. Music videos are musics companion in telling stories. I personally perfer music videos becasue I can visualize the lyrics better. For my example, I used The Notebook a movie based on Nicolas Spark’s book and “Hey Pretty Girl”by Kip Moore.

I believe the storyline in the The Notebook is greatly reflected in the the song “Hey Pretty Girl”. Both types of story are about falling in love with a pretty girl, becoming a family, and living out the rest of their lives together The two combined truly enhance the story.

Note: I think was truly makes this a music video is the shots of Kip Moore sing….just like iin the  real video :)


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