Final Week!

My Gossiip Girl Final Project – My final project was based upon a television series called “Gossip Girl“. Basically, there is a person who reports on all the hot gossip that occur in the Upper East Side of Manhatten. However, the gossip is primarily about highschool students. The idea is that normal people are the famous people because in their small world, they are. I chose to tell this story a blog from Gossip Girl, herself! It is right after summer and gossip girl has lots to share, some to recap, and she shameless plugs for her website.

I used Audacity,, Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft Publisher, X-ray Goggles, Fakebook, and Gimp in order to complete this assignment.  The assignment were easy to put together becasue they are skills I have mastered in other weeks.  Gossip Girl is a funny, dramatic show with the underlining theme of discover the idenity of Gossip Girl. I think my blog post is a creativy way of thinking through who she might me, what she listens too, where she goes, etc. I hope fans of Gossip Girl enjoy this post and begin to question the identity of GG in the actual show. Those who do not know the show will hopefully get a compelling story out of my blog and maybe they will start watching Gossip Girl.

 Week Three: What is Digital Storytelling- I reread my blog and I feel like I was unsure about digital storytelling. Digital Storytelling can be simple such as a blog or complex where you use a series of media to tell a story, like our final projects. In the end, digital storytelling ends up being a way to add dimension to the typicial storytelling through audio, visual, etc. Furthermore, through digital one can take a story and change or enhance it. Mashups and Remixes are great examples of taking storys using “digital” can creating something new. The digital part of storytelling is almost necessary in today’s world where so much technology exists.

To show you all some examples I’ve created in Digital Storytelling, here is a link to my best work. I choose most of these assignments because they show the strenght of my creative side for example computer book and alternative book cover.  Some of these assignments I chose becasue I’m proud of the everlasting skill they have given me such as theme verse, dialogue mash-up, and character/genre song mashup. Other were simply just enjoyable to create such as Cinderella II, GIF, daily creates,photoblitz and recycling media. Finally, my radio show and final project represent the strenghth, effort, and dedication to this claa. I’m so proud of all the work I’ve done, but inevitable the results were not always the greatest. My best work shows a little bit of every media type and what I believe to be the most rewarding assignment I completed. If I had to pick one assignment as best in show…. it would be Return to the Scene of the Crime because I had great idea, it was masterfully done, and I believe it was an entertaining and informative blog.

Pay it Forward:

  1. Summary of my New Assignments : Music Tag & Music Video
  2. Sumamry of my Tutorials: Music Tag & Music Video
  3. Advice

Final Thoughts- This class was a ton of work! It was super challengeing. The best thing to remember is it doesn’t cost you a  thing! You never..ever. have to go out and buy something…so don’t! There are plenty of free software that can help you get the assignment done. You don’t need a camera, just a cellphone camera. Every week builds upon the next week and in the end the final is just a creative cake walk because you know how to do it, you just have to make the story around the media.  I love that have the skills to creative things…I’m generally crafty person, but crafts are impractical in college because they costs, time consuming, and messy. However, with digital storytelling, I get to be crafty and creative, while it’s all free and clean.I enjoyed this class again, but I’m so happy it was online because I don’t think I could do this during normal day hours (I do DS106 work between classes, etc)

Thanks so much for this amazing class, it is a great idea and I’ll never lose the skills I learn.



Gossip Girl

Hello Upper East Sider’s I hope you enjoyed your summer. I certainly needed the break from snooping. I did a lot of traveling over break and as always made myself a playlist for the long car trips. I know that you are all curious about what Gossip Girl listens to so here is a sample of my playlist.

This past year was full of hot steamy love. Love that was brilliantly capture in Dan’s ‘The Insider” . As we all know in the Upper East Side “if you kiss, I’ll tell”, but so will Dan apparently (more about his book later). Here is a little video I put together showing some of the year’s hottest moments.

On the top of the “summer reading list” for those in the know is Dan Humphrey’s exposé on the elite social lifes of our vary own Upper East Siders. It turns out that most of you are protrayed in a … less than glamourous way. Well, all except one… it seems that Ms. Blair Waldorf has captured the heart of Dan because in the book Queen Bitch is simply Blair, the girl next door.

gossip girl dan's book

Well it seems like Queen B is once again the center of attention. If you haven’t heard she has a new love interest…Prince of Monaco! Our Upper East Side Leading Lady is dating up… way to go B! If you want to stay constant with B’s love life, you might want to bookmark Blair’s facebook page. Give that B, herself, is the most reliable source of gossip.

This just in… it seem as though B and her Prince Charming have set a day and it looks like I’ll be attending…will you? Here’ s a pick of the royal invitation…classy!


The first day back at school was full of juicy gossip. However, instead of just sending out a blast, I decided to record my day. Give you a little taste of how Gossip Girl gets her information.

Don’t  be the last to know all the good juice gossip… go to the Gossip Girl Website and sign up to recieve blast…an remember to check your cellphone regularly!