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Hello Upper East Sider’s I hope you enjoyed your summer. I certainly needed the break from snooping. I did a lot of traveling over break and as always made myself a playlist for the long car trips. I know that you are all curious about what Gossip Girl listens to so here is a sample of my playlist.

This past year was full of hot steamy love. Love that was brilliantly capture in Dan’s ‘The Insider” . As we all know in the Upper East Side “if you kiss, I’ll tell”, but so will Dan apparently (more about his book later). Here is a little video I put together showing some of the year’s hottest moments.

On the top of the “summer reading list” for those in the know is Dan Humphrey’s exposé on the elite social lifes of our vary own Upper East Siders. It turns out that most of you are protrayed in a … less than glamourous way. Well, all except one… it seems that Ms. Blair Waldorf has captured the heart of Dan because in the book Queen Bitch is simply Blair, the girl next door.

gossip girl dan's book

Well it seems like Queen B is once again the center of attention. If you haven’t heard she has a new love interest…Prince of Monaco! Our Upper East Side Leading Lady is dating up… way to go B! If you want to stay constant with B’s love life, you might want to bookmark Blair’s facebook page. Give that B, herself, is the most reliable source of gossip.

This just in… it seem as though B and her Prince Charming have set a day and it looks like I’ll be attending…will you? Here’ s a pick of the royal invitation…classy!


The first day back at school was full of juicy gossip. However, instead of just sending out a blast, I decided to record my day. Give you a little taste of how Gossip Girl gets her information.

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