My Assignment 1: Music Tag

Music Tag

One of my favorite type of assignments is audio!  Lyrics and songs are great ways to tell stories. Have you notice similar themes extend genres… lyrics overlapping. Your task is to create a story by using audio snippets from songs. The trick is you have to have the last word of your clip, be the same word that starts the next clip. Use at least 5 different songs, try to include different genres or decades.

  1. Find all the YouTube videos of your songs and position it to play a little before the part you want to capture.
  2. Use Audacity to record the clips
  3. Edit the Clips Together
  4. Export Your New Story

For my example I used:

Below is the lyrics of my music tag.. the word/pharses that are shared are bolded.

Why don’t you stay. I’m down on my knees. I’m so tired of being lonely. Don’t I give you what you need. When she calls you to go. There is one thing you should know. We don’t have to live this way Baby, why don’t you stay Just a  little bit longer .Please let me hear .You say that you will Say you will. Say you will. Together can never be close enough for me. To feel like I am close enough to youYou wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you. And you’re beautiful. You’re beautiful, You’re beauitful its true. There must be an angel with the smile on her face, when she thought up that I should be with you need a man. I need a man. Who can keep me satisfied. I better shape up If I’m gonna prove. you better prove.That my faith is justified. Are you sure.Y es I’m sure down deep inside. You’re the one that I want. Oo-oo-oo, honey

I believe songs are the most unviersal way to tell stories. It, therefore, isn’t surprisng that songs tend to overlap. This assigment made me think of all the themes (not just genres) that I listen too! I, also, shows the connectivness of people acrosse time.


Wanna Know How To Do This:

You are going to need Audacity. In order to make the tutorial, I used Screen-O-Matic.  Both of these are free download and are very user friendly!

Dialogue Mash-up****

By far, this assignment was the most time consuming. Originally, I had high hopes of making it awesome, seamless, and hilariousness. Alas, that was not going to be the case because of papers, work, and general lack of time/patience. I knew for this mash-up I wanted to use the Peanuts’ “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” in particular Linus’ dialogue. Finding another movie that would further the conversation was difficult. This week so happens to be a “remind Kasey how much she loves Winnie the-pooh week’ with my daily creates and theme versed, I opted to just continue with that idea. I ended up used Tigger’s lines from “Boo To You Too, Winnie the Pooh”.  What I learned is that children’s movies aren’t the best for this because they have music in the back ground which really make the conversation between LInus and Tigger more choppy. Anyway, I spent ours working on extracting dialogue. Then, spent hours moving pieces of dialogue around trying to get a story going. Once I had a story, I messed around with volume, add some intro/traveling/closing music, and finally I did some fade in/ fade out audacity stuff. I’m proud of what I accomplished, but I wish it was so much more. I originally planned for this to be a 5 minute dialogue, but I just could get it there. (Plus the quality would have gone way down.) I hope you enjoyed my mash-up!

Mainstream Chimmunkd’ ***

This was another easy assignment because it only required on editing effect of the audio; adjust the speed resulting in a chipmunk voice. It took me awhile to find a song reflecting Autumn, but I found Van Morrison’s “Autumn Song”. I cut out the verses about winter, and then changed the tempo. After that, it was a simple export and upload to soundclound. Chipmunk voices are the best!! I actually used to suck the helium out of balloons in order to get that affect- it was so funny.


Theme Verse **

This assignment asked that you create your own verse by taking pieces of your favorite songs and editing them together. Because our radio show was autumn themed, I took all my Halloween favorites and made a mash-up. The mash-up is of Legend of the Sleepy Hallow’s “Headless Horseman Song”  Boo To You T, oo, Winnie the Pooh’s “I wanna scare myself”, Nightmare Before Christmas’ “This is Halloween” and Groovie Goolies’ “Monster Mash”.

Surprisingly, this took a lot of time and planning in order to achieve the right transitions. I must have spent a good 15 hours on this project. The main annoyance is that I had to keep walking away from it, come back, and I’d want to change the whole entire thing.

In the end, it has grown on me and I love it.

Contest Nobody Could Win **

I used audacity here to take one second segments of songs (hopeful segments that would not verify the song right away) and edited them together. After doing the radio show, this assignment was a cake walk. Just had to export as mp3 and upload to soundcloud :). Do you know what the six songs are?

1. I Cry by Flo Rida

2.Gangman Style by PSY

3. Boyfriend by Justin Bieber 

4. Mean by Taylor Swift

5. Swing by Savage

6. Say My Name by Destiny’s Child


DS106 Radio Bumper!

A bumper is that segment on the radio that tells you what you are listening. Example: “You’re listening to Z101.5″. In this case, DS106 had a radio station (learn more)  I hope you enjoy my version of a bumper for SC106 radio.

This was created through audacity which is an awesome free download audio editor. I go my sound effects from FreeSound. I did some fade-in/fade-out, overlapping, bass and amplification editing, among other thing. I really took this time to play with the features of audacity. I can’t wait to make something more complicated.

Five Sound Story

My five sounds: rain, thunder, birds, children playing, puddles splashing

It’s a raining day- no just any rainy day… its pouring and there is thunder! You are a child..disappointed, upset, dying for the rain to stop so you can play outside. Then, the thunder gets quieter, bird start chirping, and the sun comes out. You and your sibling rush outside to play, ignoring the fact that your shoes are soaked from the puddles.