Alternative Book Cover ***

This assignment tasked me with redesigning a book cover, in order, to tell another story.

a lion among men

I took the original cover of “A Lion Among Men” by Gregory Macgurie and reworked it into a children’s book. I found a picture of a stuff lion and a bed from clip-art. I made them proportional to each other and put them inside a neutral oval background (like the original cover). I, then, framed the words around the oval (like the original). I choice different type for the “Bestselling” because that information is prestigious, but it isn’t important to children (Therefore, I made it small and in cursive). I, then, choice to use the color of the bed as my color scheme. They are complimentary color – purple and green. Overall, the design is balances and focused in the center. There is some depth because of the oval.. makes you look in (so to speak). There is a hierarchy of information presented in size of font- title, author, other. I think the book looks child friend and is certainly minimal in design compared to the original.

DS106 Poster for radio show **

This assignment required me to come up with a DS106 Radio design aesthetic for my radio show.


One of my group member shared her aesthetic to me and suggested I continue with her design. I stuck to her same color scheme of orange and brown, which is fitting for our autumn themed show. I chose this clip-art photo because I think it very pleasing to the eye. While the sign post in much taller than the pumpkins, the pumpkins have more weight. So it might be asymmetrical  but it is still balanced.I really like the shadow on the piece which gives off a 3-D feeling.

Minimalism Travel Poster ***

This assignment asked us to create a travel poster for a fictitious place, I choice the Gumdrop Mountains in Candyland.


I used paint in order to create this poster. I used circle of various primary and secondary colors in order to create game board spaces / the road around of the Gumdrop Mountains.Then, I put gumdrops in the middle.  While I’m sure this picture could have less elements, I thought in order to understand the context a game board needed to be present.

I used color to a regular rhythm, much like the spaces of a board game.

Warning ***

Here is the Warning Assignment!


What is one thing that doesn’t exist, yet at some point everyone believes it does exist? – MONSTERS! I did this warning as if I were a small child who knows that if you turn off the lights, the monster will come out. I found a warning label and in GIMP, I edited and put in a clipart photo and text. I think this label has great design elements.

1. it is fairly balanced

2. Yellow and Black are eye catching and alerting colors

3. There warning symbol is next to the word “warning”

4. The picture of what is being warned is next to the warning words.


The label is able to be understood by a number of people do to the picture/symbols, colors, and text.

Computer Book ***

I am truly proud of this assignment!

ctrl F nemo

I did this project through Gimp 2.6.

1. I googled children’s book. I originally thought I was going to do “Goodnight Moon” and change “moon” to “CPU” or “modem”

2. I called my computer expert to make sure you could turn of a modem .. which you can. But he said he wishes I could do something a little more practical since its for children. He suggested doing “Finding [computer part]” based on “Finding Nemo”

3. Finding Nemo! How about “CTRL F” for Finding!!!

4. Found a book version of “Finding Nemo” and put it into Gimp 2.6

5. Color selected the water and painted over the “Finding”

6. Then, color selected the “Nemo”, open a text box and typed in “CTRL F”

Although I didn’t alter their design, I do think this is a great concept. I didn’t alter the design or color because I’m not changing the integrity of the story (it’s still about Nemo). I think it looks super realistic and I would be interest in reading the computer geek version of “Finding Nemo”. :)


Children’s Book Cover

This assignment was particularly challenging.. I don’t think I succeed as much as I would have liked.



Firstly, I used paint in order to create this book cover. I just used copy/paste and shapes as the assignment prescribes. I choice to dominate the cover with one color because I think the most iconic part of “The Cat In The Hat” is his red/white striped hat.  Otherwise, I tried to keep the design as minimal as possible.While its not as eye catching as the original text, I do find it visual pleasing. There is a symmetrical balance between the words and picture.I added the red board to help balance the red hat.

Bad Guy Business Card **

This is such a fun assignment! Business cards are super functional piece of design. It includes : your name, contact info, company, skills/occupation. What is fun is that there is a set formula for business card…so how do you make them stand out. You add color or change the organization – design! Bad guys would get so much more business if they just had business card… think of how all the “Disney Bad Guys” could win if only they outsources and teamed up?

This is the the business card for the evil queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. If you don’t know the here.


In order to create this I used Microsoft Publisher! It is a great program that give you lots of template .. it like paint and word combined with some hand-holding when it comes to design. I did a variation of a template, but instead of having just a block of color on the right to balance the text, I put her picture. Then, I changed the color of the text so that they matched the pictures. :) Its monochromatic business card which says something about her business- giving it a wholesome or united feeling.




Cartoon the Head **

The assignment is take a normal photograph and cartoon the head.


My friend really loves Agnes from Despicable Me, so I made her dream come true and gave her Anges’ head. I used Gimp 2.6 and “free select” around Agnes’s head. Then I copy and pasted it onto my friend’s head. The key here is proportion. I had to mess around with the image sizes in order to get a decent proportion. Proportion is a really crucial design element. In this case, I wanted equal proportions in order to give a more realistic feel.