Gossip Girl

Hello Upper East Sider’s I hope you enjoyed your summer. I certainly needed the break from snooping. I did a lot of traveling over break and as always made myself a playlist for the long car trips. I know that you are all curious about what Gossip Girl listens to so here is a sample of my playlist.

This past year was full of hot steamy love. Love that was brilliantly capture in Dan’s ‘The Insider” . As we all know in the Upper East Side “if you kiss, I’ll tell”, but so will Dan apparently (more about his book later). Here is a little video I put together showing some of the year’s hottest moments.

On the top of the “summer reading list” for those in the know is Dan Humphrey’s exposé on the elite social lifes of our vary own Upper East Siders. It turns out that most of you are protrayed in a … less than glamourous way. Well, all except one… it seems that Ms. Blair Waldorf has captured the heart of Dan because in the book Queen Bitch is simply Blair, the girl next door.

gossip girl dan's book

Well it seems like Queen B is once again the center of attention. If you haven’t heard she has a new love interest…Prince of Monaco! Our Upper East Side Leading Lady is dating up… way to go B! If you want to stay constant with B’s love life, you might want to bookmark Blair’s facebook page. Give that B, herself, is the most reliable source of gossip.

This just in… it seem as though B and her Prince Charming have set a day and it looks like I’ll be attending…will you? Here’ s a pick of the royal invitation…classy!


The first day back at school was full of juicy gossip. However, instead of just sending out a blast, I decided to record my day. Give you a little taste of how Gossip Girl gets her information.

Don’t  be the last to know all the good juice gossip… go to the Gossip Girl Website and sign up to recieve blast…an remember to check your cellphone regularly!



Recycling Media

Recycle The Media

My story is that you are sitting down to show slideshows to family, just memories that you want to share. You show pictures of your family, home, school, friends, etc. You tell a story with the pictures. How, as a father, you remember taking your daughter fishing. How you remember breaking into school. How every building and picture has a fun story attached to it. I used audacity to edit the music together, PWNYouTube to get the video clips, and Window Movie Maker to put the slideshow together. I had to adjust the timing of picture extensively. I, also, added transitions to create a more slideshow effect.

Cinderella II : My Best Friend’s Wedding ****

Movie Trailer Mash-Up ****

This assignment tasked me to mash-up the audio of one trailer with the video of another. I knew I wanted to Cinderella II: Dreams Come True because the audio/visual for this trailer is very simple. Then, I looked around for movies about girl looking for true love. I looked at problably 15 trailers before I remembered “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. I loved the ending audio for the trailer and used that (through audacity) to overlay it (through Window Movie Maker) to the video of Cinderella II.

I loved that the story is very similar, but now there is a deeper mroe adult twist to Cinderella II.  Now insteado of Cinderella having the most wonderful marry, the movie is about the drama before they get married. In fact, there might even be another women! … you’ll have to watch to find out.

This assingment was really fun and I only used skill that I learned through previous assignments. For example, I used the PWNYouTube bookmark in order to save the trailer as mp4. Then, I used Windows Movie Maker to upload the clip. I edited the part and length of the audio through audacity . Putting together was pretty simple, I delayed the start of the audio via the Music Menu. Then, exported to YouTube!


Character/Genre Song Mashup ***

Character/Genre Song Mashup***

I can only review the example given on the website linked to the assignment. I’m not sure why people haven’t chosen to do this assignment. I watch the example and I really liked the idea of this assignment. To match music to video, is a great Idea. Actually, I didn’t realize how many witch movies there were!!

I chose to do this assignment 1) because for some reason people have been shying away from it.. and I wanted to figure out why! 2) because it looked a little more challenge then the previous assignments I did because it uses video rather than pictures.

I used the song “Cowboys and Angels” by Dustin Lynch because it is currently my favorite song. It also gave me the opportunity to expand my movie bases to cowboy movies and angel movies; which if you can’t think of any trust me there are a million! My story here is that cowboys and angels are an ingrained into our society! It seems that often, like in the song, boys are cowboys and girls and angels. In this video, I challenge that a little because there are numerous video where boy angels dominate. Furthermore  I challenge the that love is only between man and women, which is why I open the video with Brokeback Mountain.

Other sources of video include: Angel in America, Cowboys and Aliens, Blackthorn,  Rage At Dawn, Toy Story, Gabriel, City of Angels, Michael, Annie Oakley, Angels in the Outfield

The process might have been the cause of why so many people shied away from this assignment. While it was the same technique I’ve used in all my assignments, it was more labor intensive. Firstly,finding all YouTube videos was extremely time consuming. However, once I found them I use PWNYouTube booklet and saved them as video. I upload all of them to Movie Maker. Then, I had to mute the video (each lip individually). Last, I upload music. Once all that was done it was a matter of organizing my videos to make a story. I like the pattern of cowboy/angel/cowboy/angel. Hopefully, the clips bring back some memories, inspires some thought on what is a cowboy/angel (no so stereotypical), and you enjoy just a wonderful song.


Google Search Story **

” Hello, my name is Greg. I am forty three years old. Single. Maybe not the most attractive, but I love to have a good time. I have a stable career as an engineer. I really want kids of my own. I’m just looking for that special women to spend the rest of life with. I will treat her like the queen she is and give her a comfortable life. Please don’t pass this profile up, I’m not very good a talking myself up. Just met me in person… you’ll see… I’m a catch… promise”

This is my good search story about a forty-three year old man named Greg. You can tell by this dating profile that he is lacking self-confidence. He google searches self-help books. Then, he gets the confidence to sign up for a dating website. He finally gets a response and he is looking for good icebreakers for his first date. He looks up direction to the the meeting spot.  Things go great! One month later, he wants to give this women something fantastic for the chance she took on him. He google search “one month anniversary ideas” . He decides this women is more than just a girlfriends and he isn’t getting any younger. He looks up engagement rings. After they get married, Greg is excited to hear his wife is pregnant. But what he forty-five , only-child, what does he know about baby’s let alone pregnancy…… thank goodness for google!

Making a google search story is so easy… just follow the sets here, and you are done.

Radio Show in Full Glory!

I have to say: WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! I’ve never worked so hard on something for so long. Part of me is really really proud of the show, the other part of me wants to start all over and make it SO much better. For the show my group (Emma, Matt, and myself) decided to do an autumn soundscape. We were responsible for 5 minutes of autumn theme entertainment a piece. Emma choice to do an introduction followed by a reading of an autumn inspired poem and Matt did a little history lesson on Octoberfest. In the end I choice to do three different things : 1. hoping to add variety 2. simply because I couldn’t make anything I did last more that 2 minutes.  To see how I did each step click on the links below:

DS106 Radio Bumper

- “Wait Tigger the Great Pumpkin” – Dialogue Mash-Up

– Halloween Theme Verse

“Autumn Song” by Chipmunkd’ Van Morrison

Then, I was responsible of the final editing. This was harder than I thought. It was much easier to combined all of the pieces if the member sent it to me in mp3 format. Audacity is only user friend with mp3, trying do mess with .aup is just way to complicated. I added them all together and listen to each persons section. I careful manipulated each section making necessary cuts if there was an awkward silence, I removed the background noise (air whooshing sound) from each persons section using an audacity function “get sound profile” and “remove noise”. Then, I checked out everyone bumpers.  Logically, Emma’s section needed to go first because she had an introduction and in here intro she mention me first, then Matt. So, without another hesitation I put our segments in that order- keeping each person’s bumper with their segment. I did a lot of trimming and “fade in”/”fade out”. I added some talking in my section in order to match the talking in Matt and Emma’s sections. There is so many little tiny changes I made, but I was super careful not to affect the integrity of my groups work.  I know the beginning is a quieter, but amplifying it just made it harder to understand- so I opted to keep it the same. In turn, I lowered the volume on my section so as not to make listener adjust their volume too much. Once it was done, I uploaded it to soundcloud and, then, Emma submitted it.

Overall, my group was very hardworking and reliable. We couldn’t get together in person because Emma swims, and Matt and I work. Therefore, we did the best we could do with the schedule we have. I think it turned out to be one very cohesive piece of work  I hope you enjoy :)


Dialogue Mash-up****

By far, this assignment was the most time consuming. Originally, I had high hopes of making it awesome, seamless, and hilariousness. Alas, that was not going to be the case because of papers, work, and general lack of time/patience. I knew for this mash-up I wanted to use the Peanuts’ “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” in particular Linus’ dialogue. Finding another movie that would further the conversation was difficult. This week so happens to be a “remind Kasey how much she loves Winnie the-pooh week’ with my daily creates and theme versed, I opted to just continue with that idea. I ended up used Tigger’s lines from “Boo To You Too, Winnie the Pooh”.  What I learned is that children’s movies aren’t the best for this because they have music in the back ground which really make the conversation between LInus and Tigger more choppy. Anyway, I spent ours working on extracting dialogue. Then, spent hours moving pieces of dialogue around trying to get a story going. Once I had a story, I messed around with volume, add some intro/traveling/closing music, and finally I did some fade in/ fade out audacity stuff. I’m proud of what I accomplished, but I wish it was so much more. I originally planned for this to be a 5 minute dialogue, but I just could get it there. (Plus the quality would have gone way down.) I hope you enjoyed my mash-up!

Theme Verse **

This assignment asked that you create your own verse by taking pieces of your favorite songs and editing them together. Because our radio show was autumn themed, I took all my Halloween favorites and made a mash-up. The mash-up is of Legend of the Sleepy Hallow’s “Headless Horseman Song”  Boo To You T, oo, Winnie the Pooh’s “I wanna scare myself”, Nightmare Before Christmas’ “This is Halloween” and Groovie Goolies’ “Monster Mash”.

Surprisingly, this took a lot of time and planning in order to achieve the right transitions. I must have spent a good 15 hours on this project. The main annoyance is that I had to keep walking away from it, come back, and I’d want to change the whole entire thing.

In the end, it has grown on me and I love it.

Alternative Book Cover ***

This assignment tasked me with redesigning a book cover, in order, to tell another story.

a lion among men

I took the original cover of “A Lion Among Men” by Gregory Macgurie and reworked it into a children’s book. I found a picture of a stuff lion and a bed from clip-art. I made them proportional to each other and put them inside a neutral oval background (like the original cover). I, then, framed the words around the oval (like the original). I choice different type for the “Bestselling” because that information is prestigious, but it isn’t important to children (Therefore, I made it small and in cursive). I, then, choice to use the color of the bed as my color scheme. They are complimentary color – purple and green. Overall, the design is balances and focused in the center. There is some depth because of the oval.. makes you look in (so to speak). There is a hierarchy of information presented in size of font- title, author, other. I think the book looks child friend and is certainly minimal in design compared to the original.

Computer Book ***

I am truly proud of this assignment!

ctrl F nemo

I did this project through Gimp 2.6.

1. I googled children’s book. I originally thought I was going to do “Goodnight Moon” and change “moon” to “CPU” or “modem”

2. I called my computer expert to make sure you could turn of a modem .. which you can. But he said he wishes I could do something a little more practical since its for children. He suggested doing “Finding [computer part]” based on “Finding Nemo”

3. Finding Nemo! How about “CTRL F” for Finding!!!

4. Found a book version of “Finding Nemo” and put it into Gimp 2.6

5. Color selected the water and painted over the “Finding”

6. Then, color selected the “Nemo”, open a text box and typed in “CTRL F”

Although I didn’t alter their design, I do think this is a great concept. I didn’t alter the design or color because I’m not changing the integrity of the story (it’s still about Nemo). I think it looks super realistic and I would be interest in reading the computer geek version of “Finding Nemo”. :)