Final Week!

My Gossiip Girl Final Project – My final project was based upon a television series called “Gossip Girl“. Basically, there is a person who reports on all the hot gossip that occur in the Upper East Side of Manhatten. However, the gossip is primarily about highschool students. The idea is that normal people are the famous people because in their small world, they are. I chose to tell this story a blog from Gossip Girl, herself! It is right after summer and gossip girl has lots to share, some to recap, and she shameless plugs for her website.

I used Audacity,, Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft Publisher, X-ray Goggles, Fakebook, and Gimp in order to complete this assignment.  The assignment were easy to put together becasue they are skills I have mastered in other weeks.  Gossip Girl is a funny, dramatic show with the underlining theme of discover the idenity of Gossip Girl. I think my blog post is a creativy way of thinking through who she might me, what she listens too, where she goes, etc. I hope fans of Gossip Girl enjoy this post and begin to question the identity of GG in the actual show. Those who do not know the show will hopefully get a compelling story out of my blog and maybe they will start watching Gossip Girl.

 Week Three: What is Digital Storytelling- I reread my blog and I feel like I was unsure about digital storytelling. Digital Storytelling can be simple such as a blog or complex where you use a series of media to tell a story, like our final projects. In the end, digital storytelling ends up being a way to add dimension to the typicial storytelling through audio, visual, etc. Furthermore, through digital one can take a story and change or enhance it. Mashups and Remixes are great examples of taking storys using “digital” can creating something new. The digital part of storytelling is almost necessary in today’s world where so much technology exists.

To show you all some examples I’ve created in Digital Storytelling, here is a link to my best work. I choose most of these assignments because they show the strenght of my creative side for example computer book and alternative book cover.  Some of these assignments I chose becasue I’m proud of the everlasting skill they have given me such as theme verse, dialogue mash-up, and character/genre song mashup. Other were simply just enjoyable to create such as Cinderella II, GIF, daily creates,photoblitz and recycling media. Finally, my radio show and final project represent the strenghth, effort, and dedication to this claa. I’m so proud of all the work I’ve done, but inevitable the results were not always the greatest. My best work shows a little bit of every media type and what I believe to be the most rewarding assignment I completed. If I had to pick one assignment as best in show…. it would be Return to the Scene of the Crime because I had great idea, it was masterfully done, and I believe it was an entertaining and informative blog.

Pay it Forward:

  1. Summary of my New Assignments : Music Tag & Music Video
  2. Sumamry of my Tutorials: Music Tag & Music Video
  3. Advice

Final Thoughts- This class was a ton of work! It was super challengeing. The best thing to remember is it doesn’t cost you a  thing! You never..ever. have to go out and buy something…so don’t! There are plenty of free software that can help you get the assignment done. You don’t need a camera, just a cellphone camera. Every week builds upon the next week and in the end the final is just a creative cake walk because you know how to do it, you just have to make the story around the media.  I love that have the skills to creative things…I’m generally crafty person, but crafts are impractical in college because they costs, time consuming, and messy. However, with digital storytelling, I get to be crafty and creative, while it’s all free and clean.I enjoyed this class again, but I’m so happy it was online because I don’t think I could do this during normal day hours (I do DS106 work between classes, etc)

Thanks so much for this amazing class, it is a great idea and I’ll never lose the skills I learn.



Week 13 & 14

Thoughts & IIdeas about Remix’

Mashup Assignments

Remix An Assignment

Not all suprising, this week was super fun! I thought remixing was interesting and I kept thing, what I’ve remixed this in other assignments. There were really no new skills needed to complete this work, it was more of a congitive challenge. Remixing is really cool form of media because it take two different stories and combines them either to enhance the common story or to create a new story. YouTube is cluttered with remix-ed stuff- mostly music, but then, again you can remix anything.  Originally, when I thing remix I think of music at clubs that are mashed-up or songs which artist have alter in some way. However, now remixing applies to picture, video, audio, or some combination of all of them. I really want to do a remix assingment for my created assignment because there are so many creative ideas I have, but no assignment that addresses them.


Week 11/ 12

I did 23 stars worth of video assignments or really 19 stars!

Side Note: However, for 4 stars I did not do a post because I had some major issues embedding (Vernacular Video). I have linked it below if you are interested in watching, but it was an extra assignment anyway.

Redub a Movie *** : Students were asked to redub a scene from a movie. I chose to do an Old Spice Commerical.

Return to the the Silent Era ***** Students were asked take a modern day movie/trailer and make it like an old silent movie.

Movies by Number ***: Students were asked to create a video foucsing on a number.

Characte/Genre Mash-up ***: Students were asked to find clips of video that match the theme of a song and make it a video.

Song Visulaization ** : Students were asked to sync pictures to a song in order to tell a story.

A Word…A Picture…A Story ***: Students were asked to pick 5 random words, find a picture of the word, and create a story around them.

Vernacular Video ****: Students were asked to make a video explaining the history of a word. I used a website, but I didn’t buy the upgraded package and, therefore, I have embedding issues. I realize this might not count toward my write-up and it doesn’t need too. However, I wanted to give you all the opportunity to see this… my word “Canoodling”. I hope you enjoy!

 Thoughts about this week

I was consumed with passion in making videos. I figured out how easy it was to make video using Windows Movie Makers and I become obsessed. It was a lot of fun. I believe the quality of my word has improved as I worked on them. *Noticeably from Redub to Song Visualization.  Video are a great way to tell stories because they offer a visual representation of your words.  They also tend to be more entertaining. I think it is interesting the relationship between music and video that creates a story. Sometimes it is the music that creates the story, sometimes its the video, and then the other element backs it up. In “Song Visualization” it was the lyrics that created the story , but the picture help the plot so you focus on the lyrics and not the beat. Whereas, in “A Word, A Picture, A  Story”, the pictures were the story and the music help set the mood. The uses of both audio and visual create a amazing dimension to a story which is irresistable. This explains the creation of television and music videos. It just wonderful.


I used to think people who created YouTube videos (as much as I love YouTube videos) must not have a life. I never realized how easy it is to make the videos. Windows Movie Maker has an upload button on its main toolbar. All you have to do is enter your username and passward, fill- in the YouTube data, and upload. It totally change my perspective on youtube videos.

The hardest part about this week is a tie between finding the pictures for all my videos and the write-ups. The pictures were the most consuming portion of every video. I had a hard time making decisions because in video the image and  timing of the image are crucial to the mood and story. Then, write-up were very lengthy this week which was fine except I had gotten so caught-up in doing video assignments.. I had forgot there was a write-up portion. That bite me in the butt so to speak when I realized I had 4 days to do all my write-ups!



Week 10

This week was all about reviving up for video editing. First, I would like to say the tools I currently have at my disposable is Window Movie Maker and MPEG Streamclip  I will add more as they become pertinent. However, I do not experience with Windows Movie Maker. I have used MPEG Streamclip when making a GIFF, but other than that I have never experiment with it. I’m starting out at ground zero, but I started at the same point for audio and that worked out fine. So here goes nothing!

The Learning Process

The Prep Work For Next Week

 Daily Creates this week were easy because we only had to do two, and we didn’t have to do anything else with them. It was nice to have a break! It also tells me that I’m growing comfortable with this work load.. haha.


I really hope that due to the prep work, next week is the easiest week yet. I should be able to jump right into it which is so so so exciting.

Week 9

This week was confusing with web editing. I was really intimidated with this week, the idea of altering code was daunting. However, this week wasn’t hard at all. I actually enjoyed being able to edit websites and I learned some great activities that I plan on using as a soon-to-be teacher.

Daily Create:

This week for daily creates we had to create a story around 3 of our daily creates. I did have 3 flickr photos in which I create a story from the perspective of my brothers kitty names “Koala”. It a story about her inner lion.

Web Storytelling:

Then, we had to complete a web storytelling assignment. This assignment require you to alter a websites content to tell a story. My web story is about the existence of the Wizarding World.

An addition five stars worth of web storytelling:

1. Google Maps Historical Life- Thomas Edison ***

2. Google Search Story **

Radio Show Evaluation:

1. Autumnal Self Evaulation

2. Adventures of DC Evaluation

Participation Thoughts & Highlights:

I really enjoyed looking at how other people chose to do their web storytelling.  I found the tweet of Thomas Jefferson funny, I think it sounded  like he was in a class and was turning in his final paper..oh wait its the Dec. Of Independence.  And “The Real Housewives of DS” was so funny.. I would watch that season for never before seen tweets.. hahaha. I bet after these group radio show, there are a lot of new friendship and lots of gossip that the show would be able to portray.  Those who chose to do the archiving website was interesting  In high school I was founder and president of Webcrawlers and I work closely with the Library of Congress archiving websites. It was great to know all my work was actually used for a class.. hahaha. I also felt it unnecessary and not challenging if I did this assignment because all throughout high school I was doing this assignment.  However, I was glad to know that the word was getting out. Archiving website is super cool and useful!

I enjoyed this week… it truly got me out of my comfort zone. However, I would love to play around with the web storytelling some more! It also drove home the skill of embedding.. I know three different methods of embedding into wordpress and managing/organize wordpress is becoming easier.

Weeks 7 & 8

Two-fer week was nice because it seemed like I had more time to work .. in particularly on the radio show. I really needed this two-fer in order  to get everything done, and handle normal midterm week at school. :) Here how my two weeks went:

11 Stars of Audio:

4 Pieces for Recycling (1 audio, 3 pictures)

  • Voice Morph; life lesson
  • boy reading; angle picture
  • design design design
  • Openness; elevator door

Daily Creates I felt were more challenging because I ended up doing two videos which are time consuming, Otherwise, the picture daily creates were just an enjoyable break from the radio show and studying. I literal would be like “radio show, must focus only on the radio show…. oh shoot, I need to do daily create or I won’t get to 6… oh well I could use the break”. Daily Creates always taking me longer than i think they are going to take, often I take/draw two/three pictures before I settle one for the day. As luck would have it though, this week we needed rejected  media and so “Openness” (above) is a photograph I rejected from a daily create awhile back.

Radio Show Success I couldn’t have asked for a better group. They were understanding, helpful, and we worked well together. This project was draining. I recommend that as a group you come up with a time table. The harderst part about this project was the uncertainty of if your group member were actively working. I honestly just had to trust that by the time the project was due the would be ready to go.  I lucked out and my group was made up of responsible individuals. If we were all “leader” types, then we would have had big problems.

Because we were all leaders we too initiative in different aspects: I did the editing, Emma did most of the group coordination and submitting, and Matt came up with theme of autumn. We discussed panel style verse soundscape style radio shows on canvas and decided for our time constraints soundscape would be easiest. Everyone was required to come up with 5 minutes of autumn soundscape for the show. It was really making a group project more individual.

My advice, don’t sweat the small stuff. Nothing you do will turn out the way you had envisioned and nothing will be nearly as cool as that example you listen too. It doesn’t matter.. its still pretty awesome. Don’t be afraid of the sound of your own voice (it weird to hear yourself , but no one else is you and, therefore, no one else will think its weird). Just be creative and set aside a lot of time.  In fact, you might find that this project is not so hard. It was good if you planned right, don’t overwhelm yourself, and just go with it. Original , I thought group projects on an online class…???? but its not that bad. I’m not sure how we would have workout if we decided to do a group panel. Only because we are very different people and scheduling would have been difficult.

In the end the show sounds good a whole. Having a unifying theme definitively helped. I enjoy the show, but I’m not really itching to do it again. It was extremely time consuming.

Deep Breathe…. Sigh….its over!!!!


Week 6

It’s time to look at design! What a week here are the highlights.

I  learned so much about design from color and balance to proportion and rhythm. The best thing I learned is about the  5 lines of letters…because  in 3rd grade when you learn cursive, you wonder why you are give that big piece of paper with 3 lines on it… well know I know. I found so example of these design elements in my room!!  It was really cool to find how I subconsciously designed my room according to these principles.  Check it out for yourself!

Daily Creates for week 6 ended up taking a back seat to  my design assignments, so I tried to do them  in less than 10 mins which meant more time for assignments. Last weeks problem of embedding was fixed this week (hint – I customized my Flickr account a little too much). I pledge by UMW honor code standards they were posted and tagged on time to my flickr account, but it took me until today to figure out my embedding problem. :(

Want to know more about how the radio show project is going? Well here you go!

Speaking of radio show, I created a poster for our autumn themed show. WOOT DS106 Radio!

Now for my grand adventure in Designing…. 19 Stars (not including the radio show poster or the one that had no stars) . Although I found design to be the hardest week yet, I realized and appreciate all the work that goes into design. If I had 6 months to work on these assignments I could really make them something, but in one week… it was hard. Here is my best attempt at grasping the design concepts.

The main challenge in design is sitting down and thinking about it. How do you best convey a message- do you focus on color, positioning, can you do with less. There are so many things that go into design and half the time you put them in subconsciously. Example: you pick two colors because they look good together. Little did you know they look good because they are analogous or the same hue or the same saturation.  Design is in every single thing and you see it every day…. but you never register it. I know that nerd sitting a Seaco pointing out design elements to my friends (mind-blown) !



Week 5: Camera Shy

This week was quite an adventure. I found it to be more time consuming, than the audio week. I do want to put it out there… you don’t need a fancy camera to get the job done. Highlights:


Now for the Week 5 Run Down

Daily Creates for Week 5

  1. Make a video showing “Love Sees No Color”
  2. Take A Picture of “Bald is Beautiful”
  3. Record a sound that is interrupted by another sound

This week was fun because I used all the different medium during daily creates. Normally, I just do random daily creates, but the majority of them tend to be photographs. This week I held out so I could become more comfortable with other mediums. Furthermore, I shy away from video because they tend to make me feel self-conscious. However, I found a loophole….so check out my daily creates to learn more. I

had some trouble getting a photo to embed, not sure what is going on. My auto-embed on WordPress is still active, but its not embedding. Luckily, I know how to embed via sets so hopefully that okay for now.


Album Cover **
Buddy Photo **
Return To the Scene of the Crime ***
Common Everyday Object **
Splash That Color **

Thoughts and Ideas


I couldn’t have asked for a better week. The weather was gorgeous and gave me an opportunity to get outside and take some photographs. I really hope you enjoy all my work from Week 5, but please check out my “Return to the Scene of the Crime”. I’m nervous about this radio show project coming up, especially since this is an online course. Fingers -crossed that all goes well.


Week 4 : Audio Exploration

3 Awesome Daily Creates:



I was really excited about daily creates on 9/17/12 where I did the fwd/backward version of a song. I assumed all the daily creates were going to be about sound editing. Taking/drawing pictures isn’t as fun, but it is certainly less time consuming. The link above will take you to more information on my daily creates for week 4.

Thoughts and Ideas about radio/audio/sounds:

Listening to DS106 radio was fun. I used twitter in order to ask a question about the twitter bot function of the audio dj. I did not get to hear something live, but I continue to have the status page up whenever I’m on my computer- fingers crossed I’ll get a live dj at some point.

I listened to a really well done, complex radio show called “Space” by Radioloab. I was feeling really inspired to create something as magical, but alas, it proved to be a little more difficult than I thought.  The hardest part I found was finding sounds to create my five sound story. I would love to continue messing around with audacity and try to create a  richer sound stage.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos offering the basic structure and advice for radio/audio. I never thought about radio as being a co-authorship, but what a beautiful way to think.


Radio Bumper was so much fun to make. It helped listening to the DS106 radio before creating my own bumper.  Audiacity is getting easier and more fun to use.

Five Sound Story was much harder to make than the bumper. I spend so much time looking of r sound affects, I was unsure how to connect them. I did this assignment before I did the bumper and I spent a lot of time using audacity tools improperly or completely destroying a sound effect before I decided I needed to start over again.


I really like audio! I much prefer to do audio than to do visual/video. I feel less self-conscious. I enjoy audacity, but I’m anxious to be better at it. I like that ability to trust the week’s checklist- I just go in order, doing one item a day. The logically progression of activities is helpful. As much as I was bored listening to videos and radio, it was necessary to understand what radio was, how you do it, and here  an example of a good radio show before you go and make your own audio. SoundCloud is really easy to use. I had some trouble figuring out how to add my daily create into the group page, but that was resolved once I found the share track to group button.  Twitter has come in handy this week, although I feel like a lot of people don’t use it in ds106. My google reader was acting up for awhile, but once it worked itself out,  I really have enjoyed other peoples blogs,. It is really interesting to listen to the different or in some cases the same sound effects people used. Audio has been a fun and challenging week. However, I think I became a fan of Radiolab so that’s awesome!







Week 3

What is digital story telling?

This week has taught me about things I knew, but never knew I knew (if you follow). For example the shape of stories, I knew stories followed this pattern, but I never thought about it before.  It an interesting psychological wonder.

Shape of Stories:

I find myself watching tv and mapping out its curve. I think I might look more into why stories have these patterns.

Daily Creates:

Here are Week 3 Daily Creates! A little on my process for making them: Well I have been really frustrated lately with my computer acting up and I did not bring my camera charger to school with me :( . I was talking to my boyfriend who told me about uploading cell phone images online and then saving them to my computer. Save my life!! Daily Creates that Involve pictures are not so so so much easier! They were fun to create and I look forward to next weeks.





gif. cooking bacon


Assignment 2 picture stories:

Telling a story based on two pictures was hard, but also fun. My problem was I spent so much time looking at other people pictures that I lost focus. I originally found the picture of footprints going toward the sewer and I really liked that and I built my story backwards.

Comment please:

I have been trying to get comments on my GIf. I am most proud of this assignment and I figured it be the most interesitng to look at. I did learn how to approve comment this week which is an awesome notion!



This week has been the hardest week ever! It mostly has to do with the work load in other classes. There where times I thought I wouldn’t make it to the end and finish everything. Some of my major hiccups where taking photographs is a more efficient way and redirecting my blog. However, I believe next week everything will go more smoothly. I need to get better at participation, but I have commented constructively on 10 blogs including the one about redirecting your subdomain. I’m still not sure how to get people to comment on my blog- project for next week. It also doesn’t help that I was running behind this week.