Assignment 2: Diary of a Spy

Day 47 : 3/14/ 00

0600: Arriving at cafe located across the street from the target’s place of work.

07000: Target is entering the building.

0900: Target has spotted me out the window. My position has been compromised. I can no longer stay at the cafe.

1000:  Observing target from car around the corner. Target  has made her way  down the street toward the library.

1100: Target is still on the move. She maybe heading back to head quarters. It is pouring rain.

1300: target jumped into a black SUV. Lost target  on I 95-S,. GPS tracker just kicked in.

1400: Tracked target to a hotel, where I found a pile of clothes. It seems that the target has changed disguised.  GPS tracker has been compromised. No clue where target has gone to.

Evidence 1AX2:


1600: Got tip from home base that target was spotted downtown.

1800: Talked to a store owner that claim a women of target’s description was running down the street.

1900: Found what appears to be the target’s muddy foot prints going into the sewers. Target lost. Headed back to home base to strategies..

Evidence 1XA4:

CHUD tracks on the sidewalk


2000: Regrouping at home base; continue mission another day.