Week 2

DS106 is an awesome class. I find it really rewarding when I learn a new skill. For example I never knew those repetitive scene-clips were called GIFs , let alone how to create one. I enjoy that the Daily Creates are simple and fun; I use them as a productive break in my day. In week 1, I had already done most of the customized stuffed and, therefore, this week was easy. I just organized my widgets and began tagging like crazy. One thing I realized is that when tagging, you need to update immediately! Its really easy to forget to update your post when you have just gone back to add a tag, but necessary step!

I just so happen to have done only daily create that involve pictures. It was just luck of the draw. However, I really like the little challenge the present of either searching for a picture you know is perfect, hunting for a spinning object that no one has thought of yet, or coming up with an original album cover. The process of uploading and tagging pictures is become second nature to me- yay bootcamp! Here is the link to my daily creates this week : http://kasmoore.com/blog/2012/09/06/week-2-daily-creates/

Copyright is super restrictive legal protection while Creative Commons is the various levels of sharing legal protection. Read more in my thoughts and ideas section or by clicking http://kasmoore.com/blog/2012/09/08/mine-mine-creative-commons-or-copyrights/  .

Finally, my first assignment my GIF. I had a problem which several people have commented on. The problem is that you have to click the GIF for it to play on a separate page. I tried to rectify this issue but I kept receiving, “Change the Future GIF 2.xcf” has failed to upload due to an error. Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons”.  I will keep messing around with this but at least its up there!  I also am posting it in the original size on the this section- fingers crossed it works this time! I do really like my GIF and I worked really hard on it. There is more about my process and reasoning on my Assignment page.



Assignment 1

As my blog becomes filled with awesome creation, I get more excited about creating. I love being able to click on a menu and be brought to something of my own. I thought creating and customizing my blog was straight forward. I feel as I continue this class, I will change my widgets and sub menus as I learn better ways to organize. However, for now, I think I’m really proud. This …. the completion of bootcamp…. is why this page is tagged “Section1KicksBootcampButt”.

I hope this proves my worthiness to move on to hardcore DS106-ing.