Week 10: Daily Creates


Above is a representation of “how old I feel”. I am a kid at heart, I often act like I’m four but only when the no one is around..hahaha. I still get ice cream all over my face, cotton candy sometimes makes a good breakfast, and taking naps is encouraged, but never successful.


Above is a representation of “time passing”. This is a kitchen timer I bought as part of my “teacher supplies”. It super cute and not too obnoxious. It allows me to keep track of class time assignments. Time passage is literal kept by the ticking of the timer.

Both of these photographs were taken on my cellphone, uploaded to online album, saved, moved to flickr & tagged, and uploaded here!

Week 7 & 8 Daily Creates!

1. Take a photo that encompasses nothing, a void, absence:


This is a picture of the one blank wall in my bedroom. All of my wall have something big and “me” on the walls, but i happens that there is one wall that is slanted, small and, therefore, has nothing on it. It is a sad wall that I often over look.

2. Take a picture of the first thing you do in the morning:


My morning priority is to brush that morning breathe away. I can’t do anything until my mouth feels clean; I don’t even take in the morning.

3. Fences and wall can divide or demarcate. Make a photo of a fence or wall:


Demarcate means to separate or distinguish from… NEW WORD FOR ME!!! This wall leads to the only other major room in this one bedroom apartment. If this wall was not here, then the apartment would be a studio and not one bedroom. The number of walls (or maybe its doors) it crucial in distinguishing what apartment type a place is. This wall distinguished the main kitchen,living room area from the bedroom.

4. Find a payphone and record a video of you calling a stranger and letting them know ds106 is #4life:

I used a program called animoto which allows you to create 30 second movies with theme templates including music. In the 30 seconds, you can also used video. Its a simple to use program, but super effective. I changed the music here so it goes with out theme #4life, who better than Nicki Minaj and “Moment 4 Life”.  Using audacity, I edited the song with the payphone dialing which I downloaded from freesound.com. Finally, I used DS106 past assignments and screenshots of the DS106’s websites as my pictures. I hope you enjoy!

5. Record a 30 second time capsule message to people 100 years in the future telling them one important thing:

 Again, I used a program called animoto which allows you to create 30 second movies with theme templates including music. This time, I did use one of the template the program sets out for you. I add pictures of my friends and some text, “Take Pictures”. If I was going to write a letter to myself or make a time capsule to someone else, I would want to remind the that you can’t and won’t remember it all. Therefore, you need to take pictures. (Obviously, this implies you all should be doing picture worthy things–a picture of yourself everyday will not jog your memory, just convince you that you are getting older). Have fun!

6. Take a photo of something that means a lot to you:


Winnie the Pooh was my best friend growing up. I have the hugest collection of Winnie the Pooh stuff and its still growing. Winnie the Pooh is a comfort and when I get home sick,  I curl up with my bear and watch one of his many videos. My mother wrote for my high school senior page, ” You are braver than you believe, stronger that you seem, and smarter than you think”. This quote I care with me everyday and will pass on to futuer generations.  Winnie the Pooh will always have a place in my heart.






Week 6: Daily Creates

I found doing daily creates this week extremely difficult because the design assignments were so time consuming that I would forget about daily creates. I have a problem with my creates uploading up onto the website. Last week, I couldn’t figure out why embedding flickr photo automatically had stop working. Now, my photos were not embedding into the daily create. I tried to figure out what could possible be wrong. Then, I remember last week was customize your flickr account and I had changed my privacy setting.  I had to re-upload my flickr daily creates and refresh my blog, but kow that my settings have been made so “3rd parties” can upload my image all embedding works ! :) (what a silly mistake)


Celebrating vegetarian day by eating celery. Celery and peanut-butter is on of my favorite snacks…healthy too. Here’s to the veggies that keep us strong and healthy!

floor plan

This is my main floor to the house I grew up in. I has a very open floor place between the kitchen, living room, family room, and dining room. The library is the only room that has doors and that helps when you are trying to study (quiet, secluded).

I took the sound “I Cry” by Flo Rida and edited with audacity. I raised the pitch even more than it already is.  I made the tempo faster. Then, I added a ‘paulscratch’ which is why it sound extremely slow. Hopefully, it sounds a little like alien is singing it. If not, it was still fun to play with sound. Audio is by far my favorite element.

floor plan

This picture represents a void or emptiness. It is a sad bare wall in my room. At UMW only 10% of your walls can be covered which leaves big areas  void of color in my room. Oh well, at least I follow the rules.

Awesome Daily Create – 9/17/12

This is my daily create for 9/17/12 where I had to take a sound clip from a song, put it in reverse, and then play the original.  I chose a song called “Faster” by Matt Nathanson. I used a free downloadable program called audacity to remix the song. Then I exported the remix as a WAV file and uploaded it to sound cloud. I have used audacity in high school in order to create podcasts, but it was fun to use this program for something non-academic.