Week 5:Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates were a lot of fun because I used three different mediums in order to successfully complete the tasks.

This is my video which suggest “Love Sees No Color”. I made it using the program animoto, a free video maker. I decided that using pictures of my friends and there various friendships, I could show that friends see no color and thus love is blind. The program is really user friendly and has an app to upload it up to YouTube.


(Not sure why this isn’t embedding, and Viglinks adds it as a link)

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

This is a picture of “my egghead that I love”. His name is Daniel and he is just the cutest kid ever! I babysit for him and his 4 siblings. In order to temporarily fix my embedding problem, I made this photo the only photo in a set and embedded the set. Read my “Flickr Customization” to learn how to embed sets.

This is my “sound being interrupted by an unrelated sound”. I used audacity in order to compile the two sounds I got off of freesounds.com. I chose these two sounds becasue my home is located near the train station and I often here trains. They tend to interrupt everything. I could not get a good recording of it on my own, so I enlisted the help from the “World Wide Web”.


Week 3 : Daily Creates

Here are Week 3 Daily Creates! A little on my process for making them: Well I have been really frustrated lately with my computer acting up and I did not bring my camera charger to school with me :(. I was talking to my boyfriend who told me about uploading cell phone images online and then saving them to my computer. Save my life!! Daily Creates that Involve pictures are not so so so much easier! They were fun to create and I look forward to next weeks.


This was my daily create for take a picture of something that makes you angry.Trigonometric functions are the most frustrating math I have ever done. I remember in high schooling getting so confused when memorizing the units. Luckily I had some smart friends who help me through the class.


This was my daily create for take a picture of the sidewalk scene today. It is actually a picture of myself in front of the bell tower at the University of Mary Washington. I was waiting for the bus :( If you know what Fred. transportation is like than you know how awful that wait was, but it made a cute picture!


This was my daily create for take a picture of something you miss. Currently, I am having laptop issues involving battery life. I miss having a working laptop and being able to move around the room with it.  Good news, I got a new laptop so hopefully once Microsoft office is installed I’ll be a happy camper.


This was my daily create for make us guess what it is. Do you know what it is? ….. it actually my quilt.

gif. cooking bacon

This was my daily create for what would a giraffe look like in human world. It actually works out perfectly becasue I went home this weekend and my mother happens to love giraffes. Giraffes in various mediums are scattered around my home. I chose to have a giraffe cook me breakfast- yum bacon!