Week 1 Daily Creates

*Keychain video can be seen in week 1 summaries


This is my prom photography which I used for a daily create which emphasize one color. I use photoshop to color pick my dress and paint the bricks behind me the same color. Prom was such a fun night. We decided that instead of the whole limo thing, we would be creative and take the metro to prom. It was super awesome being in prom dresses riding the metro. In fact, the header photo of my blog is a picture of the Washington D.C. Metro from the night of my prom. My boyfriend’s boutonniere was losing its petals, but it seem to make something as dirty as the metro seem so pretty. When is said I was ” “moore” than just your average metro-er” I was referring back to this moment and many more where my friends and I do things a little different than the rest of the world.