Hunting Bambi ***

Mash-Up Those Movies ***


deer hunting

deer 2

I took the two original movie posters and mashed them up, in order to create a new story. My movie is about the hunting of Bambi’s mother, a untold story until now! I used Paint to cut and paste the Bambi into the Hunting White-Tail Deer poster.  In the end,  the stories were similar in that both are about white-tailed deer, but completely different genres.  I used Flickr to embed the picture into my blog.


Cinderella II : My Best Friend’s Wedding ****

Movie Trailer Mash-Up ****

This assignment tasked me to mash-up the audio of one trailer with the video of another. I knew I wanted to Cinderella II: Dreams Come True because the audio/visual for this trailer is very simple. Then, I looked around for movies about girl looking for true love. I looked at problably 15 trailers before I remembered “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. I loved the ending audio for the trailer and used that (through audacity) to overlay it (through Window Movie Maker) to the video of Cinderella II.

I loved that the story is very similar, but now there is a deeper mroe adult twist to Cinderella II.  Now insteado of Cinderella having the most wonderful marry, the movie is about the drama before they get married. In fact, there might even be another women! … you’ll have to watch to find out.

This assingment was really fun and I only used skill that I learned through previous assignments. For example, I used the PWNYouTube bookmark in order to save the trailer as mp4. Then, I used Windows Movie Maker to upload the clip. I edited the part and length of the audio through audacity . Putting together was pretty simple, I delayed the start of the audio via the Music Menu. Then, exported to YouTube!


The Last Kiss Over the Rainbow**

YouTube Duet**

This assignment was relatively easy skills wise because all you had to do it enter your two YouTube videos on YouTube Doubler. Once you have that you embed the code on the HTML tab of your blog! However, the challenge with this assignment was creatively coming up with two different video that worked together as a duet. I used the instrumental verison of Taylor Swift’s “Last Kiss ” and an A Cappella version of “Over the the Rainbow”. I think the two go pretty well together. It gives the classic “Over the Rainbow” and twist. What might be really cool, is if, someone took two people sings one song and made it a round. Its just a thought I might explore later on this week. I believe the added dimension is beautiful!

YouTube Doubler