Mine Mine : Creative Commons or Copyrights?

Copyrights are given automatically to an original creation or what is called Original Work of Authorship (OWA). This means that no one can copy, publish, or perform your work. While you might not your creation registered under copyrights, it is still protected! The only down side of not registering the work is that the legal process in protecting it becomes more difficult.  Remember, if you are doing this as part of your job you do not have copyrights, your boss/company does!

Creative Commons is an awesome movement that really speaks to the changing work. “CC” allows people to distinguish the amount of rights or protection they want on their work. This is great for the YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter crowd because it allows mass sharing or tweaking without violating rights. This is what is often called “some rights reserved”. There are serveral different levels of CC do whatever you want, including comerical publishing so long as I am credited to you can share, but I must be created and it can be altered in anyway. 

I am choosing to go with copyrights on my blog for now because my blog is fairly personal. Maybe as the assignment get more creative and generic, I will switch to CC. I just don’t see why anyone should want my prom picture and I certainly don’t want that commercial published. I want my work to remain mine, until further notice.

Want to learn more about Creative Common or Copyrights (click away!)                       *This is an awesome creative common video from the CC website above