Week 2 Daily Creates


Above is a picture taken from my family vacation in Massanutten Resort, Va. This is a Ski Resort which during the summer is more like “arts and crafts” camp. My sister likened it to the resort in Dirty Dancing. We did actives such as river tubing, glass etching, golf, etc.  However, the view is what I remember most. The ski lift took us up the mountain where you can see the whole resort (above), but on the other side of the mountain you could see James Madison University and Harrisonburg.


Above is a picture of my brother bowling. I chose this picture because it shows a “spinning object, frozen in motion” (aka the bowling ball) which was the Daily Create assignment for DS106.


Above is my re-imagining of FUN.‘s album “We Are Young” as my third daily create. I really like FUN. and in particular the song on which their album is named. It’s an awesome ditty about embracing the day and being young no matter what responsibly you have. I chose to put hot air balloons as the background to my remade album cover because I think balloons in general are carefree and “FUN.”.  Also, its on my bucket list to go on a hot air balloon ride.

*The background of my photo is from sky waltz air ballooning.