Returning to the Scene of My Wish *****

Returning to the Scene of the Crime: Countrify *****

For my assingment I was given “Return to the the Scene of the Crime” and asked to “Countrify It”. I personally loved the “Return to the Scene of the Crime” assingment and was thrilled to revisit it. There were only a handful of people who completed this assingment, so I used all of their photographs in my remix. The photographs links are below. I took all the photographs and created a video/slideshow to Racal Flatts “My Wish”. I found that everyone took pictures of friends or family, a theme that was easily countrified. “My Wish” is a beautiful song about hoping someone that best in their lives. I believe everyone who took these picture would agree that they only want to support thier friend and family, hoping for the best.

In order to make this video I used Windows Movie Maker. I uploaded the pictures and added music. I copied and edited the music via audacity. I uploaded that into WMM. I added transitions, then I uploaded it to YouTube. The process is simple, but the getting everything timed right is harder. You can adjust the lenght of the pictures showing on the Video Edit Menu. I, then, faded the music on WMM thorought the Music Edit Menu. I added qoute to extent the video to fit the music. All the qoute are cited and pretain to famlly, friends, and love.