Summary of My Two Assignments

For my first assignment, I choose to do an audio assignment. The blog and tutorial can be found on this blog page with the tutorial. 

Music Tag

One of my favorite type of assignments is audio!  Lyrics and songs are great ways to tell stories. Have you notice similar themes extend genres… lyrics overlapping. Your task is to create a story by using audio snippets from songs. The trick is you have to have the last word of your clip, be the same word that starts the next clip. Use at least 5 different songs, try to include different genres or decades.

  1. Find all the YouTube videos of your songs and position it to play a little before the part you want to capture.
  2. Use Audacity to record the clips
  3. Edit the Clips Together
  4. Export Your New Story


For my example I used:

Below is the lyrics of my music tag.. the word/pharses that are shared are bolded.

Why don’t you stay. I’m down on my knees. I’m so tired of being lonely. Don’t I give you what you need. When she calls you to go. There is one thing you should know. We don’t have to live this way Baby, why don’t you stay Just a  little bit longer .Please let me hear .You say that you will Say you will. Say you will. Together can never be close enough for me. To feel like I am close enough to youYou wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you. Andyou’re beautiful. You’re beautiful, You’re beauitful its true. There must be an angel with the smile on her face, when she thought up that I should be with you need a man. I need a man. Who can keep me satisfied. I better shape up If I’m gonna prove. you better prove.That my faith is justified. Are you sure.Y es I’m sure down deep inside. You’re the one that I want. Oo-oo-oo, honey

I believe songs are the most unviersal way to tell stories. It, therefore, isn’t surprisng that songs tend to overlap. This assigment made me think of all the themes (not just genres) that I listen too! I, also, shows the connectivness of people acrosse time.


For my second assingment, I chose to do a video or maybe a mash-up assignment. I called it video because originally I believed it to be video. However, after writting up a post about it… I reconsidered… it is called Music Video. The assignment can be found here.

I love video and audio, so I combined these two mediums in video form. The goal was to create a Music Video using clips from a movie. Music videos are musics companion in telling stories. I personally perfer music videos becasue I can visualize the lyrics better. For my example, I used The Notebook a movie based on Nicolas Spark’s book and “Hey Pretty Girl”by Kip Moore.

I believe the storyline in the The Notebook is greatly reflected in the the song “Hey Pretty Girl”. Both types of story are about falling in love with a pretty girl, becoming a family, and living out the rest of their lives together The two combined truly enhance the story.

Note: I think was truly makes this a music video is the shots of Kip Moore sing….just like iin the  real video :)


My Assingment 2: Music Video

Music Video

I love video and audio, so I combined these two mediums in video form. The goal was to create a Music Video using clips from a movie. Music videos are musics companion in telling stories. I personally perfer music videos becasue I can visualize the lyrics better. For my example, I used The Notebook a movie based on Nicolas Spark’s book and “Hey Pretty Girl” by Kip Moore.

I believe the storyline in the The Notebook is greatly reflected in the the song “Hey Pretty Girl”. Both types of story are about falling in love with a pretty girl, becoming a family, and living out the rest of their lives together The two combined truly enhance the story.

Note: I think was truly makes this a music video is the shots of Kip Moore sing….just like in the real video :)

Wanna Know How I Did It:

You will need PWNYouTube bookmarklet and Audacity.

You will need

Week 11/ 12

I did 23 stars worth of video assignments or really 19 stars!

Side Note: However, for 4 stars I did not do a post because I had some major issues embedding (Vernacular Video). I have linked it below if you are interested in watching, but it was an extra assignment anyway.

Redub a Movie *** : Students were asked to redub a scene from a movie. I chose to do an Old Spice Commerical.

Return to the the Silent Era ***** Students were asked take a modern day movie/trailer and make it like an old silent movie.

Movies by Number ***: Students were asked to create a video foucsing on a number.

Characte/Genre Mash-up ***: Students were asked to find clips of video that match the theme of a song and make it a video.

Song Visulaization ** : Students were asked to sync pictures to a song in order to tell a story.

A Word…A Picture…A Story ***: Students were asked to pick 5 random words, find a picture of the word, and create a story around them.

Vernacular Video ****: Students were asked to make a video explaining the history of a word. I used a website, but I didn’t buy the upgraded package and, therefore, I have embedding issues. I realize this might not count toward my write-up and it doesn’t need too. However, I wanted to give you all the opportunity to see this… my word “Canoodling”. I hope you enjoy!

 Thoughts about this week

I was consumed with passion in making videos. I figured out how easy it was to make video using Windows Movie Makers and I become obsessed. It was a lot of fun. I believe the quality of my word has improved as I worked on them. *Noticeably from Redub to Song Visualization.  Video are a great way to tell stories because they offer a visual representation of your words.  They also tend to be more entertaining. I think it is interesting the relationship between music and video that creates a story. Sometimes it is the music that creates the story, sometimes its the video, and then the other element backs it up. In “Song Visualization” it was the lyrics that created the story , but the picture help the plot so you focus on the lyrics and not the beat. Whereas, in “A Word, A Picture, A  Story”, the pictures were the story and the music help set the mood. The uses of both audio and visual create a amazing dimension to a story which is irresistable. This explains the creation of television and music videos. It just wonderful.


I used to think people who created YouTube videos (as much as I love YouTube videos) must not have a life. I never realized how easy it is to make the videos. Windows Movie Maker has an upload button on its main toolbar. All you have to do is enter your username and passward, fill- in the YouTube data, and upload. It totally change my perspective on youtube videos.

The hardest part about this week is a tie between finding the pictures for all my videos and the write-ups. The pictures were the most consuming portion of every video. I had a hard time making decisions because in video the image and  timing of the image are crucial to the mood and story. Then, write-up were very lengthy this week which was fine except I had gotten so caught-up in doing video assignments.. I had forgot there was a write-up portion. That bite me in the butt so to speak when I realized I had 4 days to do all my write-ups!



A Word…A Picture…A Story ***

A Word…A Picture…A Story ***

Other Great Examples:

1) 105 Degrees 

2) My story through words & pictures

I chose to do ths assignment because there seems to be a dichotomous viewo n how this assignment should be done.. with picture of the literal word or a picture of the representation of the word. I thought that those who did the literally word had interesting concept, but it seemed to easy to make up a story. How random were the words being picked? It too easy to pick words that make a story than it is to find pictures that make a story. (I had a thought about how this assignment could have been done… one could have found a literal picture of the word and put words on either side of the picture to make a story… maybe that is how the assignment was ment to be done). In any regard, the other way has been interesting too. I chose to go that route becasue it seemed more challengeing. I’m in a Thanksgiving mood, so a lot of the first words that came to mind had to do with season (I wish there was a way to be supplied with random words instead of trying to think of them).

My words :Fall, Clean, Apple, Thanksgiving, Tart, Travel, Fighting, Love

The Story is about Fall. Fall is the time of crisp, clean air, Fresh, juicy apples, and of course Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the holiday where eating a little extra is forgiviable. It a holiday where family travels great distances in order to see eachother. However, we all know when family gets together there is always some big fight. In the end, the fighting is just a superficial event, the love is all that matters.

In order to make this video, I used Window Movie Maker. I uploaded the pictures and used title slide to create text. Once I wrote what I wanted, I move the text to the correct photograph and deleted the title slide. I add music which was a deflaut song on my computer. Then, I faded out the song and exported the video to YouTube.

Song Visualization **

Song Visualization **

Other Great Examples:

1) Just Another Manic Monday, This was very well done! The pictures were extremely well picked. However, at the end the music cuts off before the pictures. This was disappointing and could have been avoided by shortening the length which picture duration or lengthening the song. Otherwise, I loved this song and the pictures were great!

2) Drive By, This song is an amazing song and was perfect for this assignment because the lyrics are so interesting and easily pictured. I laughed so hard when he used a picture of Mario’s “Shy Guy” instead of a picture of a guy who is acting shy. I thought that was super clever. The pictures were timed extremely well and the music was a good length.

I’m a huge fan of listening to music for free. I change my “favorite song” weekly and its nice to not have to purchase music just because one week I’m really into it. Therefore, I love YouTube videos. Often songs don’t have music videos , therefore, I look for one with great pictures that speak to me. I’ve always wonder… who has this kind of time, how do they do it…  I choose this assignment to figure it out for myself! I found out that its not that time consuming, it was super easy, and I loved doing it.

The story behind this song, is a story we can all relate too. You have worked all week, you barely making ends meet, but you need to blow off some steam. You and your significant other head out to the bar. Relax, enjoy a round or two. I tried to make the song apply more to college students. In order to do that, instead of the sleepy town I used Mary Washington. Instead of working all week, I used studying all week. I wasn’t as successful in applying all the pictures to UMW, but I think setting it up that way makes it more interesting and relatable.

Once I picked a song that spoke to me ( Kip Moore’s Beer Money) I used audacity to create the mp3 format of the song.Then, in Windows Movie Maker I created a title slide  change the background to blue, and wrote the title and artist. Then, I found and uploaded pictures that I believe pertained to the song.

Links to the Pictures: Street lights, dead end. radio, studying, deadline, piggy bank, couple running, bar 1, kissing couple, beer, tonight tonight, bar 2,party , dance, couple, couple 2, morning, couple 3, couple 4, hell, jail

Once I did that it was a little more complicated. I need to adjust ever picture duration time in order for it match the music. This took a lot of listen, pausing, editing, and re-listening. Once I got the timing right, the project was done :)



Character/Genre Song Mashup ***

Character/Genre Song Mashup***

I can only review the example given on the website linked to the assignment. I’m not sure why people haven’t chosen to do this assignment. I watch the example and I really liked the idea of this assignment. To match music to video, is a great Idea. Actually, I didn’t realize how many witch movies there were!!

I chose to do this assignment 1) because for some reason people have been shying away from it.. and I wanted to figure out why! 2) because it looked a little more challenge then the previous assignments I did because it uses video rather than pictures.

I used the song “Cowboys and Angels” by Dustin Lynch because it is currently my favorite song. It also gave me the opportunity to expand my movie bases to cowboy movies and angel movies; which if you can’t think of any trust me there are a million! My story here is that cowboys and angels are an ingrained into our society! It seems that often, like in the song, boys are cowboys and girls and angels. In this video, I challenge that a little because there are numerous video where boy angels dominate. Furthermore  I challenge the that love is only between man and women, which is why I open the video with Brokeback Mountain.

Other sources of video include: Angel in America, Cowboys and Aliens, Blackthorn,  Rage At Dawn, Toy Story, Gabriel, City of Angels, Michael, Annie Oakley, Angels in the Outfield

The process might have been the cause of why so many people shied away from this assignment. While it was the same technique I’ve used in all my assignments, it was more labor intensive. Firstly,finding all YouTube videos was extremely time consuming. However, once I found them I use PWNYouTube booklet and saved them as video. I upload all of them to Movie Maker. Then, I had to mute the video (each lip individually). Last, I upload music. Once all that was done it was a matter of organizing my videos to make a story. I like the pattern of cowboy/angel/cowboy/angel. Hopefully, the clips bring back some memories, inspires some thought on what is a cowboy/angel (no so stereotypical), and you enjoy just a wonderful song.


Movies By Numbers ***

Movies By Numbers ***

I watched Andrew‘s Movies by Numbers (the number 2). I liked the music from Mad Man, I was really excited to hear it.  It felt like a slow video to watch.. Although, I do really want to commend him on finding a variety of pictures with the number 2 in them. I have seen other videos were there wasn’t a lot of boring. I was really impressed by the change in music. It was beautifully overlapped and edited. I wonder if that was done in an audio program or in the video program. Toward the end, I was confused on where the number two was in the picture. However, I trust there is two there somewhere and I’m just missing it.

I watched ” 9 of all Glory“.  I found the video a little creepy and eerie, has a lot to do with the music and the images. The effects of the image in particular had an eerie effect. I know she used VideoPad Video Editor and I wonder if it is more sophisticated than my Window Movie Maker, because I have yet to discover how to edit effects like that. I really like how she started the video off with a math equation that added up to 9. That was clever. I, also, was impressed that she used other version on the number 9, such as 99.

I had look at this assignment, and thought.. mmm I could do this. It looks relatively low editing of video. I thought to myself what number…there is no limit to the numbers in the world. I remember, then , growing-up my father always said he was a mathematician. However, being the naive little girl I was, I thought he meant a math-a-magician. I always had just assumed that he did magic with numbers. This story reminded me of School House Rock, in particular – “Three is a Magic Number“. I listen to the video and was inspired to collect some photographs. Then, I was thinking well this is lame. So I thought what is a cooler “3” song, and The Hangover came into my head. “ Three Best Friends” song would be perfect for some of the addition photographs I have of groups of three. Thus, the concept was born.

The story here is that many things in life comes in “3”: two is a couple but three is a family; three wheels makes a tricycle; laundry detergent, soften, and dryer sheet makes the most convenient laundry day, etc. It a story of the wonders of “3”. I gets the audience thinking about the world around them, putting numbers to the world around them.

In order to do this I put all the pictures in Windows Movie Maker. I added by audacity edited music clips to the pictures. This time I went a big further to adjust the amount of time spent on each picture so some of the picture were timed to the lyrics. Once that was done, I did some fade out/in of the music. Saving and uploading, and the process was complete. Don’t get me wrong… it was time consuming, but the bulk of my time was spent on conceptualizing the video.

Picture are below: 3-in-1 Purex,3M, 3 Crosses on the Hill, Toy Story 3 ,Faith Hope Love, Girl Scout Sign, Tricycle, Triangle Sunset, 3 mph, Life has changed, 3rd street,  3 little pigs, triplets, 3 is a magic number.

Return to the Silent Era *****

Return to the Silent Era *****

Other Good Examples:

Marcey’s Mean Girls: I thought it was good, but I really wish the music was a little faster. It felt like the pictures were at hyper-speed. The antiquing of the screen in the brown, the film strip shots were very cool. There was no word cards which may have helped tie the story together.

Ben’s Back to the Future:  I was glad to see word cards. It seemed like the music didn’t match very well. I did like the change in the music, that made the scene have a definite beginning  climax, and end. He choice to do black and white over the “browning” and I think they look equally old.

*I honestly have not clue how they did all of this because I haven’t looked a Windows Movie Maker yet… but I look forward to learning.


This assignment looked really interesting. It appealed to me 1) because I didn’t have to write a script and 2) I never thought about making a modern movie into a older movie. I thought the idea of the regression was spectacular. By looking at the examples, I thought that this would give me some good opportunity to mess around with Windows Movie Maker, not just editing but effects!

If you have been following my blog more closely, you might have noticed this is my second assignment where I use Finding Nemo. This movie is one of my hands down favorites! However, I original started to look through music. I found this song I really liked, so then, I thought what video can I match this with… Nemo was the first thing to pop into my head.

What is interesting is because there is only music and the occasion title card, the story is a lot harder to convey. It become crucial to find music that suits the clip, and pair down the dialogue to the most important message. I know that my case is different than others because I chose to do a trailer of a film and not a film clip, however this meant that I cant to tell the whole story of Finding Nemo in a few brief title cards and music. In hindsight I think it is easy to do a trailer versus doing a clip of the video because I can emphasis the theme through music and normally trailer are minimal words. My favorite part of my trailer is when the title card says “when all you can do is let go” and you see Marlin letting go of the tongue of a whale. This is my favorite part because “Letting Go” is one of the most important themes throughout the movie. When is it okay as a parent to let your children go off and make their own mistakes? But, it also has a very literal meaning in that scene.

The process to create this video assignment wasn’t too strenuous. I used the PWNYoutube bookmarklet (note this is used in every video assignment-link can be found here)    Once I saved that I could upload it into my Windows Movie Maker (also used in every assignment). Then, I muted the video sound. Upload the song “gagool”. What I love about Windows Movie Maker, is that it automatically stops the music with your clip. You can go in a fade in/out the music, which I did, but Its not necessary unless it starts or ends at an awkward point. Once I did that, it was super easy to make the video black-and-white. Simply go under visual effects.. and surprise! So easy! Then, I created all my title cards. To do this I found a title card off of google image search, saved it as a picture, and uploaded into the Movie Maker. Then, I added a title; entered my words, moved the words from the title to the picture I had uploaded. The harder part is next, placing the title card within my movie. In order to do this, I watch the movie until I got to the point where I wanted to add the card, and then I hit split under the video editing menu.  Once it was split, I could just drag my card over to the split and it was done. The music automatically extended to fit my longer movie (it will keep doing so as long as the song doesn’t run out). Then I did some fade in/out of the music. Once I saved, Movie Maker has a upload to YouTube button… life was good!




Redub a Movie***

Redub a Movie***

I really enjoy these Old Spice commercials; I think they are extremely funny. Part of what makes them funny is they are bizarre. They don’t have the standard this is my product, they have a story. So I wondered, if this commercial didn’t have any sound, what might they being selling? I came up with Crafty Vaults places for men to hide their stuff from the women folk. Think about, how often do you find your deodorant or ice cream taken by the women in your life? Okay, maybe not deodorant, but ice cream…all the time!  Craft Vaults is a company that design any imaginable vault- some ancient city, animal, box, circle, picture frame/ freezer, water resistant, fire proof … you name it! It seems like a really fun idea.


Commercials are probably the most fascinating story because you have to tell a story in approximately 40 seconds. One has to hook the audience, get their message across, all while appealing to their target audience. It is quite a challenge! Old Spice commercials are the interesting because they think outside of the box, not only as in set design but script. Instead of targeting men, they target women … “women don’t you want your man to be like me”….what a great idea! Women clearly have great stake in how their man smells, so why not convince them that Old Spice is the way to go. While, I adopted this to take a commercial and redub it idea from someone else, I took a different route. I decided to take this crazy amazing commercial and make it something stereotypical  this is the problem, his is my product, this is how it solve the problem, buy it.


I got the video of the Old Spice commercial from YouTube. I used “PWNYouTube” which is a bookmarklet (all you do is drag the link to your bookmarks). When you get a video you want to edit, right-click HQ MP4, Save Link As. Once you have done that you can open the link in Window Movie Maker. Once in Window Movie Maker, I muted the sound of the video. Then I went into audacity and got my recording of what I wanted the commercial to say. I uploaded the audio and I adjusted the start time on the music edit tool bar. I realize that my recording in longer than the commercial, so I added an ending title page. I did this by adding a “title”, changing the background color, adding animation, and text.  While, I realize this isn’t the best video/audio match-up, it is my first attempt at videoassignments (I’m a little worried about the difficult of this section).

Other good examples of this are :

I hate when people stalk me:I loved this re-dubbed of ” A Walk to Remember”.  I read the block and it seems like a confusing and awkward assignment because it is basically talking to yourself which can make one self-conscience. She did a really good job and it was super funny.

Excy Herrera’s Etrade Babies:This was a really cute idea, redubbing a commercial sounds like a lot of fun. I do think it is interesting to redub something that is already redubbed, like the etrade babies. However, babies talking is only the best thing in the world.