Week 13 & 14

Thoughts & IIdeas about Remix’

Mashup Assignments

Remix An Assignment

Not all suprising, this week was super fun! I thought remixing was interesting and I kept thing, what I’ve remixed this in other assignments. There were really no new skills needed to complete this work, it was more of a congitive challenge. Remixing is really cool form of media because it take two different stories and combines them either to enhance the common story or to create a new story. YouTube is cluttered with remix-ed stuff- mostly music, but then, again you can remix anything. ¬†Originally, when I thing remix I think of music at clubs that are mashed-up or songs which artist have alter in some way. However, now remixing applies to picture, video, audio, or some combination of all of them. I really want to do a remix assingment for my created assignment because there are so many creative ideas I have, but no assignment that addresses them.