Week 2

DS106 is an awesome class. I find it really rewarding when I learn a new skill. For example I never knew those repetitive scene-clips were called GIFs , let alone how to create one. I enjoy that the Daily Creates are simple and fun; I use them as a productive break in my day. In week 1, I had already done most of the customized stuffed and, therefore, this week was easy. I just organized my widgets and began tagging like crazy. One thing I realized is that when tagging, you need to update immediately! Its really easy to forget to update your post when you have just gone back to add a tag, but necessary step!

I just so happen to have done only daily create that involve pictures. It was just luck of the draw. However, I really like the little challenge the present of either searching for a picture you know is perfect, hunting for a spinning object that no one has thought of yet, or coming up with an original album cover. The process of uploading and tagging pictures is become second nature to me- yay bootcamp! Here is the link to my daily creates this week : http://kasmoore.com/blog/2012/09/06/week-2-daily-creates/

Copyright is super restrictive legal protection while Creative Commons is the various levels of sharing legal protection. Read more in my thoughts and ideas section or by clicking http://kasmoore.com/blog/2012/09/08/mine-mine-creative-commons-or-copyrights/  .

Finally, my first assignment my GIF. I had a problem which several people have commented on. The problem is that you have to click the GIF for it to play on a separate page. I tried to rectify this issue but I kept receiving, “Change the Future GIF 2.xcf” has failed to upload due to an error. Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons”.  I will keep messing around with this but at least its up there!  I also am posting it in the original size on the this section- fingers crossed it works this time! I do really like my GIF and I worked really hard on it. There is more about my process and reasoning on my Assignment page.



Assignment 1

As my blog becomes filled with awesome creation, I get more excited about creating. I love being able to click on a menu and be brought to something of my own. I thought creating and customizing my blog was straight forward. I feel as I continue this class, I will change my widgets and sub menus as I learn better ways to organize. However, for now, I think I’m really proud. This …. the completion of bootcamp…. is why this page is tagged “Section1KicksBootcampButt”.

I hope this proves my worthiness to move on to hardcore DS106-ing.


Mine Mine : Creative Commons or Copyrights?

Copyrights are given automatically to an original creation or what is called Original Work of Authorship (OWA). This means that no one can copy, publish, or perform your work. While you might not your creation registered under copyrights, it is still protected! The only down side of not registering the work is that the legal process in protecting it becomes more difficult.  Remember, if you are doing this as part of your job you do not have copyrights, your boss/company does!

Creative Commons is an awesome movement that really speaks to the changing work. “CC” allows people to distinguish the amount of rights or protection they want on their work. This is great for the YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter crowd because it allows mass sharing or tweaking without violating rights. This is what is often called “some rights reserved”. There are serveral different levels of CC do whatever you want, including comerical publishing so long as I am credited to you can share, but I must be created and it can be altered in anyway. 

I am choosing to go with copyrights on my blog for now because my blog is fairly personal. Maybe as the assignment get more creative and generic, I will switch to CC. I just don’t see why anyone should want my prom picture and I certainly don’t want that commercial published. I want my work to remain mine, until further notice.

Want to learn more about Creative Common or Copyrights (click away!)                       *This is an awesome creative common video from the CC website above



Assignment 1: GIF

This is my awesome amazing GIF. I created it with a little help from DS106 Handbook. I love Dr. Seuss’ books and I especially love the movies made from them. Recently, I watched Dr. Seuss’ the Lorax and the message “Change the Future” struck a cord with me. For most my peers they are either just being college or nearing the end of their college careers, either way there is a lot of pressure to answer who are you going to be? I believe when confronted with the prospect of the future we all look confused and frightened much like Ted in this GIF.  All I can say is watch the Lorax and be inspired; maybe even save a tree!

Assignment 1

Week 2 Daily Creates


Above is a picture taken from my family vacation in Massanutten Resort, Va. This is a Ski Resort which during the summer is more like “arts and crafts” camp. My sister likened it to the resort in Dirty Dancing. We did actives such as river tubing, glass etching, golf, etc.  However, the view is what I remember most. The ski lift took us up the mountain where you can see the whole resort (above), but on the other side of the mountain you could see James Madison University and Harrisonburg.


Above is a picture of my brother bowling. I chose this picture because it shows a “spinning object, frozen in motion” (aka the bowling ball) which was the Daily Create assignment for DS106.


Above is my re-imagining of FUN.‘s album “We Are Young” as my third daily create. I really like FUN. and in particular the song on which their album is named. It’s an awesome ditty about embracing the day and being young no matter what responsibly you have. I chose to put hot air balloons as the background to my remade album cover because I think balloons in general are carefree and “FUN.”.  Also, its on my bucket list to go on a hot air balloon ride.

*The background of my photo is from sky waltz air ballooning.