Week 5: Camera Shy

This week was quite an adventure. I found it to be more time consuming, than the audio week. I do want to put it out there… you don’t need a fancy camera to get the job done. Highlights:


Now for the Week 5 Run Down

Daily Creates for Week 5

  1. Make a video showing “Love Sees No Color”
  2. Take A Picture of “Bald is Beautiful”
  3. Record a sound that is interrupted by another sound

This week was fun because I used all the different medium during daily creates. Normally, I just do random daily creates, but the majority of them tend to be photographs. This week I held out so I could become more comfortable with other mediums. Furthermore, I shy away from video because they tend to make me feel self-conscious. However, I found a loophole….so check out my daily creates to learn more. I

had some trouble getting a photo to embed, not sure what is going on. My auto-embed on WordPress is still active, but its not embedding. Luckily, I know how to embed via sets so hopefully that okay for now.


Album Cover **
Buddy Photo **
Return To the Scene of the Crime ***
Common Everyday Object **
Splash That Color **

Thoughts and Ideas


I couldn’t have asked for a better week. The weather was gorgeous and gave me an opportunity to get outside and take some photographs. I really hope you enjoy all my work from Week 5, but please check out my “Return to the Scene of the Crime”. I’m nervous about this radio show project coming up, especially since this is an online course. Fingers -crossed that all goes well.


Becoming A Better Photographer

Week 5 has been all about becoming a better photographer. Honestly, I have on of the largest limitations….I don’t have a camera! Luckily, in this day in age even the most low tech cellphone has a built in camera. I’ve been using the tiny, poor resolution camera on my phone. However, its been working. I learned that yes I can’t zoom and I can’t fight a lot into a frame..but I can still get the job done.

The tips I most appreciated from “How To Be A Better Photographer” was to get picker.  When I did the photblitz, I found myself struggling to complete the tasks within twenty minutes. I wanted to be picker, I wanted to take the same photograph from four different angles, but time did not permit. I ended up being a shutter bug and having to parcel through my photographs in order to match them up with a task. I’m hoping by fall break to have my real camera back, which will give me some room to play around more.


There is an awesome picture in this photograph slideshow which shows a man sleeping on the beach, a women walking her dog, and sailboats. I liked this photo in particular because of how it showed depth by placing a foreground in front of a background. There are maybe four layers to this photograph- the man in the foreground  women in the middle, and sailboats in the background at various distances. The depth lets me know that there are multiple stories going on in this one picture. The best part about that is, different people will focus on different events.

Contrasting is something that I believe can be seen in my Return to the Crime Scene photographs.The contrast between the black-and-white photograph with current day frame makes you curious about what that means…to me I get a sense of mystery and history. Imagine if that picture was colored….the effect would be “mmm okay”,  but now with the contrast you say “interesting, what does that mean”. Contrasting colors, ideas, or even things can have a different effect on viewer responses… the response generates questions, thoughts, and wonder.

Last thing that I personally recommend to any photographer is pay attention to shadows! Shadows are often seen as ruining a picture, but I think 99% of the time – it makes it. I love shadows. Firstly, you can manipulate a shadow by waiting for the light to change or by moving the object  that is casting the shadow. Secondly, sometimes you take a photograph and don’t realize that really the focal point is your shadow or your subjects shadow, now you have created depth. You can created  curiosity.  Often, if a shadow is not planned there is a good chance of you getting someone’s shadow doing some weird pose.  I like to think of shadows as Peter Pan’s shadow – alive and playful. The trick is noticing them and taking their photograph before they notice you and stop playing. You can see some of my shadow work in my photo-blitz slide show.


Flickr Customization

This week I customized my Flickr account. I learned that you can add link to your photos amongst other great things. My challenge was embedding photo-sets.  I learned to embed photograph sets from Flickr into my blog… awesome skill to have btw. Go to http://flickrslidr.com/ and just fill in the blanks. Then, generate your code. Here the catch… are you reading.. you must click the HTML tab on your WordPress blog. (top right of your tools bar) Once you are in that format, you can copy and paste the code into your blog. If you do not do this you will publish the actually code in a written form and not embed the photo set.


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.


This is my best work Flickr Set. I chose this one because they are the three photographs that make up one of my favorite posts. If you haven’t read it… you should. Basically, I share a little piece of University of Mary Washington history. I think I took an assignment and made it something creative, educational, and truly interesting.

Photo Blitz

I completed my Photo-blitz around campus at the University of Mary Washington. I chose this simply because it gave me room to run around, it was beautiful outside, and I had many choices in subjects. Twenty minutes was not enough time!! However, I really enjoyed trying to complete these tasks withing things I pass by everyday. Shadows by far was my favorite. I believe shadows to be beautiful and under appreciated  I have a couple of photographs for some tasks because it was hard to pick which photograph better complete the task. Below you will see the photographs I successfully attained.

  1.  Start Time: 3:10 pm
  2.  Two Things That Don’t Belong Together: The mismatched departments in Trinkle. Trinkle seems to be the house to departments that don’t have siblings aka sociology anthro or polysci/international relations or chem/bio.
  3.  Ordinary Object Looks Supernatural. This is a photograph of the ceiling of Trinkle. It looks very celestial.
  4.  Shadow: Sign in the Willard parking lot has awesome leaf shadows.
  5. Shadow 2: The shadow of the underground’s table and chairs makes it look like there are more chairs than in reality.
  6. Openness : The field in front of Randolph Hall
  7.  Dominance of One Color: My car in the yellow zone.*
  8. Someone’s Hand: My boyfriend’s
  9. Converging Lines: I cheated on this on a bit. This is the converging shadows on top of brick. There is multiple lines converging and I really liked when I found this one. *
  10. Angle: This is a downward view into a grate where you can see the basement window of trinkle.
  11. Angle 2: This is a downward view at my feet.
  12. End Time: 3:31 pm

* I started number 7 & 10 because I think they are particularly good/interesting. I’m bias thought :)

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Here are some photographs that I enjoyed and commented on. Feel free to review these or other from ds106er’s photo-blitz:


Week 5:Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates were a lot of fun because I used three different mediums in order to successfully complete the tasks.

This is my video which suggest “Love Sees No Color”. I made it using the program animoto, a free video maker. I decided that using pictures of my friends and there various friendships, I could show that friends see no color and thus love is blind. The program is really user friendly and has an app to upload it up to YouTube.


(Not sure why this isn’t embedding, and Viglinks adds it as a link)

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

This is a picture of “my egghead that I love”. His name is Daniel and he is just the cutest kid ever! I babysit for him and his 4 siblings. In order to temporarily fix my embedding problem, I made this photo the only photo in a set and embedded the set. Read my “Flickr Customization” to learn how to embed sets.

This is my “sound being interrupted by an unrelated sound”. I used audacity in order to compile the two sounds I got off of freesounds.com. I chose these two sounds becasue my home is located near the train station and I often here trains. They tend to interrupt everything. I could not get a good recording of it on my own, so I enlisted the help from the “World Wide Web”.


Album Cover

full of doubts

For this assignment we were to design an album cover using some random information:

  • from wikpedia my band name was : OutlookSoft
  • from a random quotation page, my album title: “Full of Doubts”
  • from a random flickr page, my album cover is of a church.

I darken or desaturated the church by using a free photo-editing software called GIMP2.6. I added the text and that’s about it. I like the idea of a dark, ominous grand church being coupled with the title “Full Of Doubts”. I’m really happy how the two came together giving a sad, hard, possibly confused message which is often associated with church or God.  I find the group name ‘OutlookSoft’ as funny, maybe even fitting. I can see how the terms ‘outlook’, ‘doubts’, and ‘god’ can be associated together in terms of faith or destiny. This was an easy task, but I think I just lucked out with my random items. I could see how if others might not fit together and would require more editing.


Buddy Photo

Today, I brought my buddy “Moo” around the campus. We had so much fun doing laundry, taking a nap before class, doing some computer lab work, and then, headed back into Willard after a long day. It made me feel a little self-conscious, but in the end I really love having pictures of my “moo” around campus. I uploaded this as a Flickr set, a new skill I have acquired if you want to know more read my “Flickr Customization” blog.


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Return to the Scene for the Crime

Hey Eagles! Did you know that Campus Walk was nonexistent until 1985?! That’s right the school used to have a road going right down the middle of campus! Originally called Campus Drive, it bricked over in order to promote a pedestrian friendly and smaller community. The transformation was met by tons of protest, but ultimately it was seen as a wonderfully addition.  For all you eagles complaining about the sunken gates being closed and having to drive around the perimeter of Mary Washington…blame those who voted in favor of bricking up Campus Drive. However those of you who chose this school for is cozy, comfortable, close-knit community, you can praise our ancestors who vote in favor of Campus Walk.

Original 1985 Campus Drive outside of Trinkle:


Today 2012 Campus Walk outside of Trinkle:


Same old Trinkle, but not so noisy:

scene of crime


Source: “Back to Brick: Chaning Campus Drive to Walk” 



Common Everyday objects

The assignment was to take an everyday object and manipulate the colors.

My original object is a chair in my dorm room. As you can see it is brown and white with geometric patterns. I have a aqua-blue pillow on the chair. Notice how the wall stickers and lamp shades are all in the same color pallet of brown,blue, green, white.


Using photo-editing software called Gimp 2.6, I played around adjusting colors. Making things “coloized’ in a particular hue. I ended up really like how “inverting” the colors looked.



“Inverting” the colors means the software detects which color is displayed and, then, swaps them out for the opposite. If you look at a color wheel this becomes more logical. Example: Blue would be swapped with orange , yellow swaps with purple, etc.


I think it is interesting to see what my room would look like if I had chosen a more feminine color pallet with pinks and purples dominating my accents. I also really like the ghostly effect it gives my photography.



Splash That Color

This might not be the greatest example of “Splash that Color“, but I thought it was a subtle interpretation. It takes a few seconds to to figure out what what is wrong with this photography, which is why I love this. I used Gimp 2.6 photo-editing software to select the can of coke using “free selection tool” . I, then, desaturated the coke can removing the red and black, making the whole can shades of grey. This left the original color of the wood desk enacted.

This is my edited verison:


Original Photography