Week 9

This week was confusing with web editing. I was really intimidated with this week, the idea of altering code was daunting. However, this week wasn’t hard at all. I actually enjoyed being able to edit websites and I learned some great activities that I plan on using as a soon-to-be teacher.

Daily Create:

This week for daily creates we had to create a story around 3 of our daily creates. I did have 3 flickr photos in which I create a story from the perspective of my brothers kitty names “Koala”. It a story about her inner lion.

Web Storytelling:

Then, we had to complete a web storytelling assignment. This assignment require you to alter a websites content to tell a story. My web story is about the existence of the Wizarding World.

An addition five stars worth of web storytelling:

1. Google Maps Historical Life- Thomas Edison ***

2. Google Search Story **

Radio Show Evaluation:

1. Autumnal Self Evaulation

2. Adventures of DC Evaluation

Participation Thoughts & Highlights:

I really enjoyed looking at how other people chose to do their web storytelling.  I found the tweet of Thomas Jefferson funny, I think it sounded  like he was in a class and was turning in his final paper..oh wait its the Dec. Of Independence.  And “The Real Housewives of DS” was so funny.. I would watch that season for never before seen tweets.. hahaha. I bet after these group radio show, there are a lot of new friendship and lots of gossip that the show would be able to portray.  Those who chose to do the archiving website was interesting  In high school I was founder and president of Webcrawlers and I work closely with the Library of Congress archiving websites. It was great to know all my work was actually used for a class.. hahaha. I also felt it unnecessary and not challenging if I did this assignment because all throughout high school I was doing this assignment.  However, I was glad to know that the word was getting out. Archiving website is super cool and useful!

I enjoyed this week… it truly got me out of my comfort zone. However, I would love to play around with the web storytelling some more! It also drove home the skill of embedding.. I know three different methods of embedding into wordpress and managing/organize wordpress is becoming easier.

Radio Show Self Evaluation

Today, I listened to my radio show “AUTUMNAL”. It’s been awhile since I have listened to it, I needed the distances. Furthermore, I listen to 3 other radio shows which help give me perspective on the quality of my show.  The audio in my show was excellent. I wish the first part by Emma was a little more confident and less mumblly, but I couldn’t interfere with that. My section with the dialogue mash-up, I wish that the two movies didn’t have music in the background the whole time… it made for choppier jumps regardless of my editing.   However, in the editing process I worked hard to extract background noise and to remove any unnecessary sounds (mouse clicks), and I believe paid off because I don’t hear any think that sound awkward or unnecessary.  I’m so bias on the editing, because I did over 80% of the editing for our radio show. However, I believe the three sections flow much better than when I received them. I like the transition between talk and “stuff”, nothing seems to be hard or uncomfortable. I might say the end of my section and beginning of Matt’s might be a little awkward, but nothing uncomfortable.  Emma’s use of fire and music was truly clever. I wish Matt had some background effects, but his voice was so clear and audible it was hard to ask him to distract from that.  My section was all about sound effects and editing. I feel like it was pretty seamless. I really enjoy the Halloween theme verse. I feel the transition between those songs is perfect!

Our radio show was a soundscape.  The music in Emma’s section was really good. It helped significantly with the transition. I believe the intro/exit music of my dialogue mash-up was brilliant. I think my theme verse was perfection. My chipmunkd’ song, was editing down in length and I heard the hiccup, but not sure if everyone else did. The music in and out of Matt’s section was seamless too.  If I can be object, I’d say the sound editing was truly great in comparison to other shows.

Originally our soundscape had no talking. The show seemed disorderly. However, adding the talking, I believe gives the show structure.  The show’s theme really unifies the show. I also thing place my section in the middle to break up the two larger talking section was helpful. It gave the listener a break, time to reflect on Emma’s section and gear-up for Matt’s section. We didn’t have a structure like a story. We did however, tell separate stories.  I wish I had another day to edit and play with the show. I would love to have referred back to Emma and Matt’s section during other parts in order to unify the show more. However, the show definitely starts at a place of questioning and contemplation, rises to entertainment and silliness, and then comes back down to knowledge and information. There is a certain arch to the story- without their being a single character or typical story… you the listener are the character and your emotions/ response to the show are the story.

I would give our show 4.5 stars. I think we did an excellent job, but it’s not perfect. There are 100 things I want to change or improve, but in comparison to other shows I think we did really well especially when it comes to audio quality and editing. I think we shine in those two sections. The story structure could be more established and there could be more sound effects, but overall I still love my show.

Google Search Story **

” Hello, my name is Greg. I am forty three years old. Single. Maybe not the most attractive, but I love to have a good time. I have a stable career as an engineer. I really want kids of my own. I’m just looking for that special women to spend the rest of life with. I will treat her like the queen she is and give her a comfortable life. Please don’t pass this profile up, I’m not very good a talking myself up. Just met me in person… you’ll see… I’m a catch… promise”

This is my good search story about a forty-three year old man named Greg. You can tell by this dating profile that he is lacking self-confidence. He google searches self-help books. Then, he gets the confidence to sign up for a dating website. He finally gets a response and he is looking for good icebreakers for his first date. He looks up direction to the the meeting spot.  Things go great! One month later, he wants to give this women something fantastic for the chance she took on him. He google search “one month anniversary ideas” . He decides this women is more than just a girlfriends and he isn’t getting any younger. He looks up engagement rings. After they get married, Greg is excited to hear his wife is pregnant. But what he forty-five , only-child, what does he know about baby’s let alone pregnancy…… thank goodness for google!

Making a google search story is so easy… just follow the sets here, and you are done.

Web Storytellling

website story pic

To view the actually remixed website please click here.

The other day I found the Harry Potter Original Sorting Hat! I suppose Wizarding World forgot to spell protect this item from muggles. Now, for the first time every muggles get a sneak peak in the Magic Amazon. Fans of Harry Potter will be excited to know that the Sorting Hat is real and, therefore, so is the Wizarding World! Not only will it sort you into your house  by reading your heart, it can conjure the Gyrffindor sword, and it can sort household items like socks. Mrs. Weasley would love this product, think of all the socks she has to sort through (plus they all look a like).

This was a mentally daunting task. However, the “x-ray goggles” is really easy to use and it ended up being extremely fun.  With x-ray goggles, you simply just click and edit. When you are done, you click “p” . Select the html source code, then in your blog domain home page, click file manager.  Create a new html file, copy over the source code, and you are done. It was fun trying to create something only through alteration.

Radio Show : Adventures of DC Evaluation

I can tell the Adventures in DC worked extremely hard on their radio show. The quality of sound was good due to the fact that all the sound was on the same level and voices/music were audible. I believe occasionally I heard unnessary noises like mouse click, background noise from the recording, or dead silence.  A little advice, in audacity you can remove that background noise by selecting the background noise, going to noise removal, “get noise profile”,  and select the whole piece and click remove noise.  Its amazing how this one little steps makes the noise a lot crisper. My favorite part of this radio show was when the girl was getting into the car. The audio editing was spectacular and I really want to know how they achieved that realness (did they actually record a girl getting into her car or was it sound effects).  Unfortunately, this moment was overshadowed by the lack of good audio editing.  Right from the beginning with the song “Cheers” there was an awkward split between the middle and end of the song.  The whole show was a little confusing. There was a lot of jumping back and forth, it wasn’t until 10 minutes in did I realize this whole show took place in the car. I wish it had been more clear that the commercial were not on the assignment level, but within the story.  This could have been achieved with more layering of the girl complaining while commercials were on the radio. Also, I know you might feel awkward, but If the girl was singing that would help too (who doesn’t sing in their car).

The uses of the sound effects for getting into the car, cars honking, and getting out of the car were great. It was very clear what was going on and I enjoyed the visual they brought out. I wish there were more effects! The ending effect of the girl finally getting to work, did not seem to make sense to me.  First, the  girl just gets into the building, then the day is done.  Secondly, the sounds outside don’t sound DC –ish, they sound calm (birds chirping, footsteps on gravel). It might have been better if the footsteps sounded more rushed, especially when she mentions being in a hurry. I really enjoyed the pat down, it took a second to understand what was happening. In order to convey that better,  I would have like to hear more of conversation between the guard and the girl.

While the music was frequent, it helped convey that his was a radio show within a radio show.  I don’t think it was utilized to its full potential. I wish that the radio station was changed between genres of music. Not only would this help convey the “I’m listen to the radio”, it is also a very normal thing to do especially when you hear a lot of commercials.

The show has great structure. I can see the story arch. It was a rough morning in the car, she went to work, and then it got worse when she got a ticket. After listening to the show twice I feel like there was definitively cohesion between the parts. However, it was not a well stitched as it could have been. There were some awkward transition and confusion on what level of the radio show (story or assignment) I was on.  The story was conveyed and it does appear that there was a lot of work in this show.  The drama was subtle be good. I wish there was more talking through the show so the drama would be further emphasis, but overall it was creative. I would give this show a total of four stars. The idea was brilliant, but the show didn’t success in full execution of the idea.

Google Maps Historical Life- Thomas Edison ***

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This is the life of Thomas Edison from 1847-1931.

A. Born in Milan, Ohio. In 1923, he become the owner of this town because “he was reportedly shocked to find his old home still lit by lamps and candles” (wikipedia).

B. Grew up in Port Huron, Michigan

C. After saving J.U. Mackenzie’s son from a runaway train, Mr. Mackenzie gave Edison a job as a telegrapher in Stratford Ontario.

D. In 1866, he moved to Louisville, Kentucky as an employee of Western Union. He was fired from this job when a lead-acid battery experiment went wrong.

E. He moved to Newark, NJ be near his mentor Franklin Leonard Pope.

F. Menlo Park was home to his firs industrial research lab.

G. After the death of his first wife Mary Stilwell, he moved to West Orange, NJ. Where he settle down with his second wife Mina.

H. He bought a winter house in FOrt Myers , FL called the Seminole Lodge.

I. He died in 1931 in West Orange, NJ.


I never thought of asking someone to use google maps to tell the story of a book or historical figure. I really liked this idea. I plan on using this assignment when I become a teacher (history-secondary). I think it is a great visual learning tool that students will find easy to create. I randomly choose Thomas Edison’s life… lucky for me he moved a fair amount during his life. However, I look at the map, and I can tell you the story of each place just  because I made this map. The stories are more deeply stored iin my memory because I was working on this map while reading the story. I’m a visual learning that this was great! It was like making a story plot map in literature class, but instead it was for history. I can’t express how easy, but useful this assignment was.  In order to put it in my blog, I used the html embedding code (switch my blog to html view) and copy and pasted it into the blog. It was super easy!