Week 5: Camera Shy

This week was quite an adventure. I found it to be more time consuming, than the audio week. I do want to put it out there… you don’t need a fancy camera to get the job done. Highlights:


Now for the Week 5 Run Down

Daily Creates for Week 5

  1. Make a video showing “Love Sees No Color”
  2. Take A Picture of “Bald is Beautiful”
  3. Record a sound that is interrupted by another sound

This week was fun because I used all the different medium during daily creates. Normally, I just do random daily creates, but the majority of them tend to be photographs. This week I held out so I could become more comfortable with other mediums. Furthermore, I shy away from video because they tend to make me feel self-conscious. However, I found a loophole….so check out my daily creates to learn more. I

had some trouble getting a photo to embed, not sure what is going on. My auto-embed on WordPress is still active, but its not embedding. Luckily, I know how to embed via sets so hopefully that okay for now.


Album Cover **
Buddy Photo **
Return To the Scene of the Crime ***
Common Everyday Object **
Splash That Color **

Thoughts and Ideas


I couldn’t have asked for a better week. The weather was gorgeous and gave me an opportunity to get outside and take some photographs. I really hope you enjoy all my work from Week 5, but please check out my “Return to the Scene of the Crime”. I’m nervous about this radio show project coming up, especially since this is an online course. Fingers -crossed that all goes well.


Week 4 : Audio Exploration

3 Awesome Daily Creates: 




I was really excited about daily creates on 9/17/12 where I did the fwd/backward version of a song. I assumed all the daily creates were going to be about sound editing. Taking/drawing pictures isn’t as fun, but it is certainly less time consuming. The link above will take you to more information on my daily creates for week 4.

Thoughts and Ideas about radio/audio/sounds:


Listening to DS106 radio was fun. I used twitter in order to ask a question about the twitter bot function of the audio dj. I did not get to hear something live, but I continue to have the status page up whenever I’m on my computer- fingers crossed I’ll get a live dj at some point.


I listened to a really well done, complex radio show called “Space” by Radioloab. I was feeling really inspired to create something as magical, but alas, it proved to be a little more difficult than I thought.  The hardest part I found was finding sounds to create my five sound story. I would love to continue messing around with audacity and try to create a  richer sound stage.


I watched a couple of YouTube videos offering the basic structure and advice for radio/audio. I never thought about radio as being a co-authorship, but what a beautiful way to think.


Radio Bumper was so much fun to make. It helped listening to the DS106 radio before creating my own bumper.  Audiacity is getting easier and more fun to use.

Five Sound Story was much harder to make than the bumper. I spend so much time looking of r sound affects, I was unsure how to connect them. I did this assignment before I did the bumper and I spent a lot of time using audacity tools improperly or completely destroying a sound effect before I decided I needed to start over again.


I really like audio! I much prefer to do audio than to do visual/video. I feel less self-conscious. I enjoy audacity, but I’m anxious to be better at it. I like that ability to trust the week’s checklist- I just go in order, doing one item a day. The logically progression of activities is helpful. As much as I was bored listening to videos and radio, it was necessary to understand what radio was, how you do it, and here  an example of a good radio show before you go and make your own audio. SoundCloud is really easy to use. I had some trouble figuring out how to add my daily create into the group page, but that was resolved once I found the share track to group button.  Twitter has come in handy this week, although I feel like a lot of people don’t use it in ds106. My google reader was acting up for awhile, but once it worked itself out,  I really have enjoyed other peoples blogs,. It is really interesting to listen to the different or in some cases the same sound effects people used. Audio has been a fun and challenging week. However, I think I became a fan of Radiolab so that’s awesome!