Week 10

This week was all about reviving up for video editing. First, I would like to say the tools I currently have at my disposable is Window Movie Maker and MPEG Streamclip  I will add more as they become pertinent. However, I do not experience with Windows Movie Maker. I have used MPEG Streamclip when making a GIFF, but other than that I have never experiment with it. I’m starting out at ground zero, but I started at the same point for audio and that worked out fine. So here goes nothing!

The Learning Process

The Prep Work For Next Week

 Daily Creates this week were easy because we only had to do two, and we didn’t have to do anything else with them. It was nice to have a break! It also tells me that I’m growing comfortable with this work load.. haha.


I really hope that due to the prep work, next week is the easiest week yet. I should be able to jump right into it which is so so so exciting.

Week 9

This week was confusing with web editing. I was really intimidated with this week, the idea of altering code was daunting. However, this week wasn’t hard at all. I actually enjoyed being able to edit websites and I learned some great activities that I plan on using as a soon-to-be teacher.

Daily Create:

This week for daily creates we had to create a story around 3 of our daily creates. I did have 3 flickr photos in which I create a story from the perspective of my brothers kitty names “Koala”. It a story about her inner lion.

Web Storytelling:

Then, we had to complete a web storytelling assignment. This assignment require you to alter a websites content to tell a story. My web story is about the existence of the Wizarding World.

An addition five stars worth of web storytelling:

1. Google Maps Historical Life- Thomas Edison ***

2. Google Search Story **

Radio Show Evaluation:

1. Autumnal Self Evaulation

2. Adventures of DC Evaluation

Participation Thoughts & Highlights:

I really enjoyed looking at how other people chose to do their web storytelling.  I found the tweet of Thomas Jefferson funny, I think it sounded  like he was in a class and was turning in his final paper..oh wait its the Dec. Of Independence.  And “The Real Housewives of DS” was so funny.. I would watch that season for never before seen tweets.. hahaha. I bet after these group radio show, there are a lot of new friendship and lots of gossip that the show would be able to portray.  Those who chose to do the archiving website was interesting  In high school I was founder and president of Webcrawlers and I work closely with the Library of Congress archiving websites. It was great to know all my work was actually used for a class.. hahaha. I also felt it unnecessary and not challenging if I did this assignment because all throughout high school I was doing this assignment.  However, I was glad to know that the word was getting out. Archiving website is super cool and useful!

I enjoyed this week… it truly got me out of my comfort zone. However, I would love to play around with the web storytelling some more! It also drove home the skill of embedding.. I know three different methods of embedding into wordpress and managing/organize wordpress is becoming easier.

Week 6

It’s time to look at design! What a week here are the highlights.

I  learned so much about design from color and balance to proportion and rhythm. The best thing I learned is about the  5 lines of letters…because  in 3rd grade when you learn cursive, you wonder why you are give that big piece of paper with 3 lines on it… well know I know. I found so example of these design elements in my room!!  It was really cool to find how I subconsciously designed my room according to these principles.  Check it out for yourself!

Daily Creates for week 6 ended up taking a back seat to  my design assignments, so I tried to do them  in less than 10 mins which meant more time for assignments. Last weeks problem of embedding was fixed this week (hint – I customized my Flickr account a little too much). I pledge by UMW honor code standards they were posted and tagged on time to my flickr account, but it took me until today to figure out my embedding problem. :(

Want to know more about how the radio show project is going? Well here you go!

Speaking of radio show, I created a poster for our autumn themed show. WOOT DS106 Radio!

Now for my grand adventure in Designing…. 19 Stars (not including the radio show poster or the one that had no stars) . Although I found design to be the hardest week yet, I realized and appreciate all the work that goes into design. If I had 6 months to work on these assignments I could really make them something, but in one week… it was hard. Here is my best attempt at grasping the design concepts.

The main challenge in design is sitting down and thinking about it. How do you best convey a message- do you focus on color, positioning, can you do with less. There are so many things that go into design and half the time you put them in subconsciously. Example: you pick two colors because they look good together. Little did you know they look good because they are analogous or the same hue or the same saturation.  Design is in every single thing and you see it every day…. but you never register it. I know that nerd sitting a Seaco pointing out design elements to my friends (mind-blown) !



Week 3

What is digital story telling?  http://kasmoore.com/blog/2012/09/16/what-is-digital-storytelling/

This week has taught me about things I knew, but never knew I knew (if you follow). For example the shape of stories, I knew stories followed this pattern, but I never thought about it before.  It an interesting psychological wonder.

Shape of Stories:http://kasmoore.com/blog/2012/09/16/shape-of-the-lion-king/

I find myself watching tv and mapping out its curve. I think I might look more into why stories have these patterns.

Daily Creates:


Here are Week 3 Daily Creates! A little on my process for making them: Well I have been really frustrated lately with my computer acting up and I did not bring my camera charger to school with me :( . I was talking to my boyfriend who told me about uploading cell phone images online and then saving them to my computer. Save my life!! Daily Creates that Involve pictures are not so so so much easier! They were fun to create and I look forward to next weeks.





gif. cooking bacon


Assignment 2 picture stories: http://kasmoore.com/blog/2012/09/16/assignment-2-dairy-of-a-spy/

Telling a story based on two pictures was hard, but also fun. My problem was I spent so much time looking at other people pictures that I lost focus. I originally found the picture of footprints going toward the sewer and I really liked that and I built my story backwards.

Comment please:

I have been trying to get comments on my GIf. I am most proud of this assignment and I figured it be the most interesitng to look at. I did learn how to approve comment this week which is an awesome notion!




This week has been the hardest week ever! It mostly has to do with the work load in other classes. There where times I thought I wouldn’t make it to the end and finish everything. Some of my major hiccups where taking photographs is a more efficient way and redirecting my blog. However, I believe next week everything will go more smoothly. I need to get better at participation, but I have commented constructively on 10 blogs including the one about redirecting your subdomain. I’m still not sure how to get people to comment on my blog- project for next week. It also doesn’t help that I was running behind this week.